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Kitchens are made for heat

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On Mar 22, 2023

By Amae

Babs wasn’t one for ‘pussy power’ playlists but this feline myself Friday from Space was good. Maybe it had something to do with Osram helping her put dry dishes away because she knew she struggled with that. There was something so soft about the way she intentionally cared for her. Osram showed up for dinner with wine, smoke, and four homemade cupcakes. Of course, Babs had seen the maroon bag she kept her strap in, but the less she thought about that, the better. 

“Babe, I promise that’s exactly what it’s about. Periods and sex!” Osram loudly announced and placed her hand on her shoulder; Babs felt it down her spine, and she shivered. Osram snickered and casually traced a pattern down her neck, her back, under her arm to her boobs, and then her nipples. She abruptly moved away and snickered again when Babs whispered a soft groan ‘baaaabe’. 

Babs was battling real wet demons between her legs and had been since morning. They hadn’t seen each other in 3 days and she was ready to open her legs, spread her labia lips, and lick her like she was spreading mango jam on warm butter bread. But that line of thought was not good for her, especially after a heavy meal. The plan was a good one; food first, the balcony for some smokes and cakes, and then inside. The plan meant quality time and balcony cuddles, a good plan. She returned her mind decidedly to the conversation of Sleeping Beauty and periods. 

Babs looked over her shoulder “No, no, you will not ruin this for me”,  she said as she rinsed off her hands. Osram was arranging the newly washed dishes on the rack with the attention of a Major. She laughed, “How can I ruin it if I am telling the truth?” Babs stopped for a moment and laughed too, “you are right, it cannot be ruined, I prefer it that way. 15 does represent the cusp of womanhood, whatever that is.”

Osram moved next to her to rinse off her hands. “Girl, I know I’m right. And we will talk about you saying the cusp of womanhood later. I am too embarrassed to address it now. That needle prick and blood? And whether the prince drops on his knees to eat her out or kisses her, he did deflower”; she puts her fingers up as air quotes, “by going through the bushes”. How did nobody catch that? I cannot believe how not subtle they were.

Osram finished the rest of the dishes and turned to reach for the napkin around Babs’s neck. With their faces inches from each other, she tried (because she was trying), to reach for and only for the napkin but her hands betrayed her, reaching for Bab’s perfect face instead. She traced her cheekbones with her thumbs and stared at her lips with terribly obvious lust. 

Osram smiled, wrapping her hands around Babs’ waist to  pull her in, “Permission to kiss you?” She said in the little low voice she used whenever she was horny in an impatient kind of way. Babs chuckled and kissed her in response. Osram slipped her tongue into Babs’ mouth, slid them behind her teeth, pressed Babs into her, and thrust her hips into hers. She grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard. There was nothing gentle or subtle about the kiss. She always wanted Babs, and 3 days was a very long time to wait in want.

Babs moaned into her mouth, deep soft, and desperate. Osram growled in response and slipped her hands into the elastic of Babs’ skirt to grab her ass – Oh shit! she thought, the plan!  They had a date night plan that didn’t include Babs cumming all over her fingers in the kitchen. She pulled away slightly and placed her head on Babs’ shoulder, “Thank you for my meal, Baba”,  a soft whisper,  hoarse, the kind that makes a girl dream of growing old with a person.

Babs slid her hands down Osrams back, she chuckled, realizing how tightly she held on to her neck, “You’re welcome. If I had known this is how you would say thank you I would have cooked two days ago.” She gently lifted the napkin up and over her head and stretched her arms over the sink to hang it up. Surprise surprise, neither of them needed it anymore. Before she could turn back, Osram had her hands wrapped around her bust, fondling her boobs and kneading them upwards. Her silk shirt moved against her nipples roughly, they hardened, strained, and sensitive. Osram squeezed her nipples between her thumbs and forefinger, gently twisting them. She kissed her neck and licked THE spot, the one place on Babs’ neck that was unfuckwithable unless you were ready to fuck her, Babs moaned a terse husky “please” and held onto the sink.  Fuck the plan. 

“Please what Babs, say it”. Osram growled out in that horny voice again. Babs felt her pants moist, the middle drenched. She grabbed onto the sink’s edge as Osram’s tongue slid behind her ear, nibbled the side of her neck, and squeezed her boobs again. Pressed behind her, grinding into her ass, gyrating slowly and firmly, she grazed the back of her neck and repeated, “Say it and I will fuck you here, now.” 

Babs’ pussy went out of control. She felt the tightening of her abdomen and the rush of blood to her clit. She felt the thick sliminess of her pussy and begged “please fuck me”; the whimpered ‘now’ was followed by her wiggling out of her panties, which was not easy since Osram was still holding her.  She spread her legs open with her panties forgotten around her mid-thighs, Osram rubbed her hands down the insides of her inner thigh and a deep hurried moan rushed out as her fingers felt the wetness on both sides. She knelt on the ‘I have a pussy cat’ kitchen mat they bought, her back to the sink cabinet, lifted Babs’ left leg out of her panties, and pushed her legs wider apart, forcing Babs to spread her legs wider and lean over the sink, her head hovering above the freshly cleaned sink. With her skirt up Osram immediately spread her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole. She wiggled the tip of her tongue in and tried to push it in. Babs squealed, and her vagina farted, wet thick cum flopped to the floor and her clit jerked. 

She is so fucking pretty. Osram thought as she looked at Babs’ pussy, desire and an unnecessary sense of accomplishment for loving this woman made her want to suck her dry, just so she could make her wet again.  

Babs didn’t like her pussy, she thought it was “too fat”. As if. But Osram had learned to spend a lot of time between her legs as affirmation and worship, it was no problem because she could live in between her legs forever. Her vulva was covered lightly with coarse, black, bristling pubic hair, the hood of her big dark-red clit showing, and the said wonderful delicious awesome clit crowning, hard and erect and thick. She moved a little closer so her head was directly beneath the pussy and propped her back on a hopefully sturdy sink cabinet and nipped at her clit. She lapped all over her vulva before fucking her vagina with her tongue, firmly moving in and out as she rubbed her clit, playing with it, rubbing back and forth, ferrying wetness from her vulva to it. Her other hand pushed her dress up showing her own waxed, not-as-fat pussy. She opened her legs a little and went her fingers inside her pussy, pulled it out, and rubbed her lips together, fucking Babs was such a turn-on. 

Babs felt Osram push her fingers inside her and her back arched involuntarily,  and then she felt them come out and not return. She groaned out ‘why’ just as Osram was repositioning herself to get up, she turned around in confusion. She steadied herself on the sink and watched Osram get up, her i-workout- 4-times- a-week thighs supporting her weight through the squat, straightening and laughing all in one seemingly effortless move. Who the fuck was this woman? Babs was unsure she remembered music was still playing until Ms. Kelly’s Motivation crooned over the speakers as she watched Osram take her dress off. They burst out laughing at the delightful coincidence. Babs, still a little unsteady swayed forward a little, Osram was in front of her to catch her in one long step because she would never let her fall alone, naked, her gorgeous breasts heavy and full, her nipples pink at the tip and slighter lighter than her areola. “Hey gorgeous”, she smiled at her

Osram played along, “hey beautiful, let’s get you out of those clothes”. She pulled the shirt and skirt over her head, together. “You best step out of those, ma’am”, she gestured downwards at her forgotten panties, one gathered around her ankle. Babs shimmied out of them and stood in her kitchen naked. Osram was there, she kissed her fully, her face in her breasts, sucked one nipple then an areola into her mouth, and then backed away again. She stood hip-width apart, her waxed vulva exposing her bud of a clit, peaking. She looked breathtaking and bossy. 

Put your fingers inside me. I want you to feel what you do to me.” She ordered Babs. Babs took two steps forward, palmed her chest for support, and then trailed her other hand, fingers first from Osrams belly button, over her pubic area, down past her outer lips and clitoris, and roughly inserted her fingers as deeply as she could through her vaginal opening. Just the way Osram liked it. Osram let out a long loud moan ‘yeeeess…ooooo’ as Babs added another finger, slowly thrusting, going in deep, softly twisting on the way out of her vagina. Osram rocked back and forth slowly, moving with Babs’ eager fingers. 

Babs moved her leg over, next to Osrams, placing her thick clit on her thighs, pressing firmly into her as she rubbed her clit against it. She tribbed Osram’s toned thighs as she fingered her pussy, Tribbing harder as she felt her own body respond to Osram’s movements and muffled moans, her palms covering her face and lips. She’d done this before, she knew how to get those palms off so she could see her face as she came, she knew where to touch and how hard to pinch her labia lips, she knew how she liked her clit slapped and when she wanted it to be slapped. She knew her Osram.

Osram held Babs tightly and moaned ‘oooooooohfuuuuuuuuuck’ as Babs went faster against her and inside her, counting on Osram’s strength to keep them upright, as she always did their breathing coming out in gasps. Babs pulled away a little, pushed a third finger into Osram’s vagina, and fucked her fast, not hard; just fast. Quick and firm and as deep as she could, her fingers moved in and out, touching the same spot again and again as Osram held on tight, she screamed out “Shit Babs!” as she came all over her fingers. She arched and rode her fingers furiously, and then stopped abruptly, with a deep sigh, her head falling on Babs’ shoulders.  

Babs hugged, she rubbed Osram’s juices all over her back as she rubbed her down, thinking of the many times she had rubbed her down with her cum. She loved the feel of her vagina on Osram’s skin, with her she didn’t think it was too fat and fleshy or not attractive. She loved the way she touched her and ate her out, making her feel beautiful and desired.  

Osram might have read her mind because she pulled away, smiled at her, and kissed her deeply before dropping to her knees in front of her immediately pushing her fingers inside her. Babs breathed out “Yes”, with her head rolling back as Osram’s tongue loved her up. She inserted her finger into her asshole and sucked on her clit, moving her tongue everywhere all at once. Babs squeezed her own nipples and kept her hand on the back of Osram’s head, fucking her. Osram’s tongue slithered around her clit and pressed firmly against it as she moved her finger slowly in and out of her ass. Babs screamed ‘Fuck yes!’ as she came hard on Osram’s face. Putting both hands on Osram’s shoulders, she shoved her vulva into her face, lifted one leg, and fucked Osram’s face quickly. She peeled down shakily, “aaaah aaaah” Osram held her as she dropped to the floor, laughing. 

“Well damn”. Osram muttered as she wiped her face with her dress. She cleaned Babs up a little and put the dress away, laying down next to her. They stared at each other, sated and with loopy afterglow grins. She at least was content for a while until Babs lazily traced circles around her dark areolas, “I think I want you to fuck me with your nipples”, Babs said. “But after I ride you because I need to put my clit inside you”. She continued lazily. “Right now? On the kitchen floor?” Osram asked incredulously. Babs giggled “Yes why not? I think you’ll like to see me lying down in my squirt, wouldn’t you?”. 

The heat in her clit. She pulled Babs on top of her. Date nights are supposed to be spontaneous too. 

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