Welcome to the HOLAA! world: An inclusive sex - positive hub holding all things sex, sexuality, gender, love, dating, relationships, intimacies and much much more.

Looking at life through an African lens HOLAA! is space for digital story telling and having conversations around the private and public spaces of folx within the continent and the diaspora all done through knowledge production, archiving, digital community building and space creation and edutainment.

Our Story

Looking online, we realised there was very little for the African queer woman and her experience and so a Hub of Loving Action in Africa (HOLAA!) was born. What started as a small blog written by a few friends has grown into something bigger and more beautiful. More people, more conversations, more happenings. Now it’s a hub that houses knowledge that goes into all realms of sex and sexuality as it pertains to all aspects of African sex and sexuality. This is a space where women and gender non-conforming people of all sexualities can come together and engage with each other and the world.

HOLAA! does its thing through workshops, dialogues, archiving, digital conversations knowledge production, partnerships and awareness building. We want to have those chats about sex, sexuality and the African experience. Also, on every day ending in ‘day’, we spread love and happiness. Welcome to our Hub of a home, explore and enjoy everything.