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On Mar 21, 2023

By Kare Kibaara

Round One

You’re there, across the room undressing me with your eyes. I can feel you hungry for me, bewitching me with your gaze. I follow you in the shower and see you stroking yourself, whispering my name. I join you and I am on all fours in front of you, feeling the water play off my body. You stand me up to kiss me passionately and bend me over, sliding your tongue inside me from behind, gently teasing my ass, as you taste my essence.

You lead me to the bedroom and you tease my body with your lips and fingers, until I am begging for you. I am desperate for every inch of you to fill me, pushing my hips upward searching for you. I feel your body close to mine, pinning me down and hear you breathing hard with your hands all over me. Your breath starts to tickle my neck then I feel it trace down to my stomach and finally, to the junction of my thighs.  

Your tongue toys with my clit as your fingers slide inside me. Your tongue occasionally teasing my ass and I feel a thrill run through me. You reach up, running your hands over my body, holding my breasts as you tease my nipples, watching my back arch, hearing my muffled moans and know I am cumming for you, soaking your jaw as I call out your name.

Round Two

You want me blindfolded. My hands are tied over my head and I’m powerless beneath you as you toy with me. You turn me around and slide my vibrator inside me from behind, feeling me shake as I slide the tip of your strap-on up and down the soft wetness of my pussy. I feel myself trying to push on to you, but you pull away as I do.

You turn me over and push your length between my breasts, reaching back to play with my clit before sliding yourself between my lips…in and out my mouth as I remain blindfolded, completely unseeing to what you are doing.

You kiss me hard so I taste myself on you. I can feel you inches from filling me, before you take my arms and pin my hands over your head. Surrendering my body to you, and you know I am desperate for you inside me.

Regaining sight, I lean forward so I feel your strap-on resting against the warmth of my pussy. You’re moving against me to part my lips as you feel my wetness soak you.

I straddle you, lowering myself and feeling myself filled while you thrust into me as I force my hips into yours, throwing my head back and moaning in pleasure as you fill every inch of me. Your hands over my breasts and waist. 

I rock back and forth to better the sensation of the pleasures of the flesh and the intensity grows when you look into my eyes as we both reach ecstasy.

I lay beside you tracing the contours of your body with my fingertips. You’ve committed my curves to your memory with your lips. Kissing down my back, the back of my shoulders and the nape of my neck. Your fingers tracing shapes down my spine as your lips follow.

You have enraptured me: mind, body and spirit. The beads of sweat that frame your flushed face, the heavy breaths you take, the way you look right this very moment. 


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