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Am I good in bed?

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On Jan 23, 2014

 By Souffle

If you were to ask each of your sexual partners past and present, each would probably give different answers to this question based on their perception of your performance. Truth be told, no one can judge their own performance in bed. It is judged by the receiving party- always. And as much as – physically – G-spots are found in the same location in the male bodies and female bodies respectively; we all experience pleasure differently or require different kinds of stimulation at these spots to make us climax.

Being a woman who enjoys the sensual rhythms and motions of sex, the slow grinding and dancing of bodies as well as the build up of the pace of the dance right before climaxing. I find it difficult to understand how some men think “fucking me like a rabbit” the WHOLE time is good sex??? I mean surely you have had previous sexual partners? Did you banging on their pelvis until you made her scream?

Jeez… you are a grown man! Surely by now you understand that women need to be touched, teased, kissed, bitten and moistened up before you launch the energizer bunny on them?

Is it just me? Or has someone told these guys that what they are doing makes them great in bed? Don’t get me wrong I totally understand there is a time and place for that kind of fucking to be enjoyable, in a bathroom stall or on the washing machine or in some public place where you wanna come before you get caught. But this does NOT work the WHOLE time, really guys EVERYTIME?

I honestly don’t understand how you think you are “King Ding-A-Ling” emperor of the sack conqueror of women and ultimate “keep em wanting more” lover when that is all you do. Are there really women out there who don’t live for foreplay? Women who don’t enjoy being mind-fucked before they are physically fucked? Or are they just part of the majority of women who have never experienced an orgasm, those who just lie there until your batteries are drained because that’s the only way they have experienced sex?

Come to think of it, that’s even worse.

Women who just lie there and get fucked.

Who don’t understand their bodies or even dare to explore them in order to know where, how and when they like to be touched, caressed and fucked?? Recently a friend confessed that she had been told on numerous occasions that she was “sexually retarded” on top of that one of her previous sexual “squeezes” told me she was boring in bed too. When she told me this I was totally willing to be her Doreah (Game of Thrones) and teach her how to be better!

Granted, intercourse wasn’t just created for pleasure, it was also meant for procreation. But I don’t believe God overlooked pleasure when He placed G-spots in our vaginas and made our nervous systems to react in such a complex manner that we actually climax during the act of sex, nevermind the fact that there are so many different kinds of sex.

If the Man upstairs does everything for a reason then surely He designed sex for that purpose as well?

Bottomline, all I am saying is if you really want to pleasure me, make me scream your name and beg you to stop, then you need to do the following: Tease me, make me wet with your words, without you even touching me. Touch me. Feel me. Caress me. Explore me. Taste me. Tempt me. Enter me. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper. Slow wind on me, in me (practise dancing to some R. Kelly and you will get the hang of it). Deeper. Let me ride you. Deeper. Colour you white. Deeper. Dance on you. Deeper.  And once you have me dripping like a tap, ONLY then can you pick up the pace till you’re furiously humping and banging inside of me until I can’t take it anymore and I am screaming your name for all the neighbours to hear because you have made me climax so many times I have lost count…

Can you do that?
It’s not rocket science.

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