Go with the flow: Period sex in five scenes (Repost)

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On Jun 1, 2018

By Hamda Lawal

When I try to remember the events of that night, I can only start here.
Scene 1

I am straddling her, she’s sitting up so my legs are wrapped around her waist. My shirt is all the way up and her mouth is sucking hard on my nipple. I can recall looking down on her bent head, the way my breast looked in her mouth. I am seriously turned on, and at that point it does not really matter to me how we got into this position. Then her hand travels down my waist, round my thigh reaching between my legs…and it encounters The Gate.


I am on my period, wearing a sanitary towel. The proverbial Gate.

But she doesn’t seem to mind at all. She finds my clit through the barrier and starts

pressing and rubbing till I am grinding against her wanting more. When I say “I am on my period”, it is a weak and feeble protest. Yet she respects that this may be something I am not comfortable with and her fingers withdraw.

Scene 2

The make out session is over and we are talking about period sex. Our conversation may have gone like this.

Me: Have you had period sex before?

Her: Kind of…once but we didn’t really go all the way.

Me: Really? So you don’t mind having sex with me even though I am on my period?

Her: No I don’t mind.

Me: …okay.

Then again maybe this conversation never happened, my memory is foggy.

Scene 3

Somehow we are making out again.

I think she came over to watch a movie but these are the early days of us hanging out
and the attraction is off the charts. We really can’t keep our hands off each other.

This time I am lying on my back, she’s kissing me and in her hands is my wand vibrator. Through my panties and the gate, I can feel powerful vibrations on my clit. She’s showering me with kisses, all over my face, my neck and my breasts. I can feel an orgasm building up thanks to the wand but it is not enough. I really want more but I am thinking too much.

Another pause.

Prior to this, the closest I had come to period sex was watching my ex use her wand when she was on her period years ago. I also had a one-night stand one time but that was during the last day of my period so it doesn’t really count? I am (was?) the kind to say, “eww no to period sex I don’t even want to feel anything down there when I am bleeding”. But that was before I found myself completely turned on, lying under a woman who is whispering in my ear “why don’t you take off your panties?”

I am only saying no because of my previous issues with getting frisky during my period.

Scene 4

I turn the vibrator off and I’m like “fuck it, I am going to take off these panties”.

I think she is as surprised as I am when I moan “take them off…” After heavy petting for hours, I want to feel more than a vibrator against my clit. The panties come off, I can smell that weird period smell but then she slips her fingers in me and it’s like my pussy is on fire. I am not sure if I am this sensitive because of the extended making out, the vibrator, or my period. In less than five seconds I am shuddering,


arching my back off the bed like a possessed woman. A great orgasm is coming.

Then she had to go and say; “You’re dripping!” there’s something akin to laughter or amusement in her voice.

All movements cease, “Wha–?”

“I can’t tell if you’re wet or if it is blood.” The lights have been off the whole time.

Scene 5

It turned out I wasn’t dripping blood.

Nonetheless we stopped there that night. I checked to see that the sheets were not soiled while she crept into the bathroom to wash her hands. Maybe I am morbid, I ask if there was blood on her hands. Or perhaps my memory fails me, maybe I asked this the other time I let her finger me while I was on my period. I probably did not ask that question verbatim but I remember her answer.

“It was just your juices and yes, there was a little blood.”


In conclusion, this is the story of how I went from “period sex is gross and sinful, who does that?” to “yeah I let her fuck me while I was on my period, kini big deal?*”

Someone asked if blood gets everywhere. Well…once I was having those annoying cramps of mine that can come a week before my period arrives. So I was anticipating it but the blood was yet to make an appearance. We were hot and heavy for some makeup sex…and at some point when her fingers were in me the blood came. It got everywhere, on her fingers, on my sheets, on her shirt. Yeah no more period sex on heavy days.

*Kini big deal is Yorubanglish for “what is the big deal”

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