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An Aggressive Apology

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On Feb 17, 2015

By Lyricnotic/ @lyricnotic

*Trigger warning: sexual violence

I looked up at your reflection in the mirror as you walked towards me and stopped a few meters away.

I couldn’t help the rage and hurt that was evident in my gaze as our eyes met.

You lifted your hand to stroke my shoulder; to rub over the bruise you left after you pushed me earlier, falling hard against the cupboard. I angrily shrugged your hand away, even though I knew very well I had provoked you, and I was in the wrong just as much as you were.

Your hand came up and tried to rest on my shoulder a second time.

I shrugged it off a little more furiously. Your third attempt was met with an urgent grasp…

I clenched painfully into your wrist as I got up to walk away, but you stopped me in my tracks, pinning me hard against the dressing table, your body weight keeping me in place.

I stared at you, daring you to hurt me again.

I hid my fear as the intensity in your eyes suggested that you just might. An angry tear trickled its way down my cheek as I fought the others that threatened to cascade into sobs. I saw the glint of remorse in your eyes, the “I just wish you weren’t so stubborn and could just listen to me”, but I resisted it.

I relaxed my body and tried to calmly free myself from your captivity, but you only tightened your grip, and I gasped in pain before I conjured up another attempt to retaliate.

It was all in vain. It was for only a matter of seconds that I had tired myself from fighting you off, and I was now standing out of breath, my chest rising and falling rapidly, tears streaming down my face, my night gown barely hanging on me.

My last attempt to fight you was interrupted by the pressure of your lips on mine… I tried to push you away, I did, but my body betrayed me instead and gave in to the sexiness I found in your strength. I didn’t kiss you back, but you needed no encouragement. Your lips left my mouth and traced furiously down my neck. Your teeth digging into my skin, making me groan involuntarily.

You began to explore my half naked body, tearing off the rest of my gown until I was standing bare chested in front of you. Your lips went down my chest and found my nipples, hard and begging for attention.

I saw the smirk on your face as my breasts exposed how turned on I really was. I shut my eyes in frustrated pleasure when warm breath and silky tongue suckled on my swelling nipples.

I tried my best not to moan. I didn’t want to show you that you could have your way with my body.

I wanted to stay angry at you.

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I slipped in and out of trances as you sucked and massaged my breasts. I was now under your spell and my hands were starting to search for all the parts of your body that I loved to caress.

My trance was interrupted when you tore my hands off you.

Before I could even understand why your lips were also no longer on my skin anymore, you grabbed me by the waist and spun me around so quickly I wasn’t even sure of how I was now leaning forward on the dressing table, my face pressed hard against the cool mirror, your groin grinding hard into my back.

I felt breathless at your dominance over my body that you knew so well. I was hot for you and there was no denying it anymore.
You kissed my neck, down my spine, your hands leaving no part of my skin untouched as we rubbed up against each other. Your hands went down my waist and with what seemed like no effort at all, my white lace panties were torn off. You lifted my leg onto the dressing table, stretching my thighs as far apart as they could go.

I felt your cool fingers at the entrance of my warm, wet pussy. I dropped my head, not wanting you to see the lust, passion and pleasure you were evoking in me. I gasped as I relished the feeling of two of your fingers sliding deep inside me.

I felt my walls welcome you as I clenched myself around you, not wanting you to ever leave my sweet spot. It took all the willpower I had left to stop myself from coming on you right there and then.

The more I tried to figure out how come I was so turned on by this…aggression, the wetter I became, soaking you diligent fingers inside me.

I guess it wasn’t enough for you to hear me moan at your touch…Your other hand reached out and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back… My face covered in tears, glowing with lust and passion. I caught your fiery eyes in the mirror… And I moaned even louder at the sight of you… Fuck… I loved you and I couldn’t deny it no matter how angry I might have been. My body started to tremble… my legs became liquid beneath me and I swear my spirit left my body for a moment and came back like a violent wave, hitting what felt like every atom in my body

I was limp in your arms and now relying on the dressing table and your body weight to keep me from collapsing. You tilted my face towards you and kissed me deeply, passionately, freed me from your grasp and rested your head on my back.

“Baby,” you whispered after a few minutes of silence and heavy breathing. “I’m sorry.”
I looked at you and couldn’t help the slight smile playing out at the corner of my mouth. My heart melted.
I took your hand and wrapped your arm around me, squeezing my body to you as tight as I could.

“So am I, baby” I whispered back.

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