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Scratching the Itch: Why its vital to have regular orgasms Pt I

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On Jan 1, 2015

By Zemu Huchi/ @zemuhuchi

Regular sex is very necessary for every woman’s sanity, trust me.

The absence of explosive orgasmic sex for more than five months can leave one doing anything to quench that thirst. There has been massive research that has shown that sex is vital for the sanity of humans. This is by people who know what they are talking about.

The evidence is there.

There is free blood flow, you think better, there are happy hormones that are released and you feel like the sexiest beast ever. Especially after an explosive orgasm.

I swear, not having regular sex, you can fuck the next clean guy (yes clean is vital) whose dick dares become erect.


On the idea of being clean, nothing beats fucking a guy who smells divine and is clean enough to lick all over like a vanilla cone ice cream. I hate trying to give a men head and you start tasting things that make you want to throw up. Or you try licking his well sculptured chest and you have rolls of dirt on your tongue.HOLAA

But back to the issue of horniness and relieving it.

It’s important for every woman to have dial-a-sex for when you need ‘it.’

There should also be options, in case the first dial is not available to service you. I like to think of myself like car. Like a luxury vehicle I need a regular ‘popping of the hood ‘ and engine overhaul.

Every part in the engine should be attended to.

Having gone for five months without sex, my sex life was more complicated than a Facebook relationship status.

I was getting turned on by anything.

I swear seeing dogs doing it, was setting me off.

I was badly in need of an orgasm. I had tried DIY, with a dildo vibrator whose charging system was long gone and I did not have a dial-a-sex available.

The issue was not that I could not find someone to fuck me real good, the issue was (and still is) that I live far away from my usual dials. Furthermore I wasn’t going to hunt in my small town for sex, then hear about it in the salon next time I went to get my nails done.

One particularly bad night I just wanted a guaranteed sexual satisfaction, so I watched some porn and got myself off. That night was over and i fell asleep.

Later I woke up with a sexual nag.

That feeling when you are so horny you even taste it in your mouth. Its reminiscent of the taste of a beautiful red wine that you had three days ago. You know the satisfaction it gives you, but you need it in your mouth just to jolt all the memories back.


I picked up the phone and called my twenty six year old that had done me so good. From experiencing him I understand how  Stella got her groove back.

One thing is for sure, younger men are eager to please older women sexually.

Its so good I even think about him when I am masturbating.

In fact, Just thought of him right now.

He makes me wet.

Back to the story.

So the twenty six year old was excited to receive a call from me after four months of silence.

I placed my deal on the table.

‘Get me off.’

He had the audacity to turn it down. He wanted more than sex from me.

He refused to be my dial-a -sex, and there went one of the best fuckers on my speed dial.

I was not, and am still not, not ready to commit to him. All I wanted was sex.

Not commitment or a relationship, just to scratch an itch which was moving from my pussy to all over my body, fast.

I was even feeling tense at work and short tempered.

I needed a thick hard dick to sort this itch out, and fast.

Another problem is I am a deacon at a church. This makes things complicated as I am in a church that does not promote sex before marriage.



There is no church that subscribes to my madness.  They do not even want to think you have hormones that want to be satisfied with sex.

Oh yes, there is also the notion that masturbation is a sin.

So much so, that at times I feel so stupid and like a terrible sinner when I have an orgasm all by myself. I feel like this when I have played with my clitoris until I scream because of an electric climax.

So when anything unfortunate happens to me, I think that I am being “punished for DIY”. I am yet to unlearn this nonsense, because all I then do is attract the misfortunes that I face.

Masturbation is a real thing because orgasms are inescapable. The reason they come so hard and fast is because when you DIY you know which spots to hit, there is no warming up and foreplay; you know what you need, an orgasm, why waste time?

This is just Part I- read Part II here.

*if you have ever needed a dial-a-sex situation or felt bad about masturbating or ANYTHING else leave a comment. Your email will not be published and you can use a fake name. xo*

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