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Scratching the Itch: Why its vital to have regular orgasms Pt II - HOLAAfrica!

Scratching the Itch: Why its vital to have regular orgasms Pt II

By Zemu Huchi/ @zemuhuchi


In my last piece I wrote about the need for that quick fix. This part takes a little bit of a different turn.

I met I guy I really liked. We started out as companions for two weeks.

Why two weeks?

We wanted to find out if we could fuck each other mentally and intellectually. I love men that turn me on mentally before they entice my body.

This meant the companionship did not have any physical aspect to it. This meant there was no sex, kissing or even hugging.

I know.

As adults, we wanted to know if we connected beyond the sexual attraction.

It so happened the two weeks lapsed and we went back to normal, and with this there was no calling or fussing over how the other’s day had been.

He told his best friend (let’s call him Tamuka) that he really liked me. However, I was too “strong-willed” and independent for him and that he was scared to commit to ‘a woman like me’.

As I write this I roll my eyes because I don’t even know what that means.

Then, what happens?

One of my close friends decides that she deserves my companion more than I did.



What happened to the girl code? The code that says, if I state claim on a man that I liked him, have dated him or intend to date him, as friends you stay the fuck away from the guy!

No, this woman, wanted him from the very start, and had to have him, so she moved in on him. She is taller and skinnier, so I guess she is deserves him right?


So I did the best thing possible at that time and allowed them to be.

I was hurt, I will not lie. But my horniness was more pressing that the heart hurt I was experiencing.

So I hooked up with Tamuka.

I don’t get mad. No honey, I get even.

I did this by making ‘the companion’s best friend my hook up.

I was doing it so he knew how it felt. Besides I had kissed ‘the companion’ and it was terrible, he didn’t even open his mouth.

I organised a braai at my house, and invited the “new couple” and Tamuka to attend.

The chemistry between Tamuka and I was extreme and I had to have him. When he looked at me, i felt like warm oil was being poured down my spine.

Whenever he touched me, I thought I was the reason for all power outages because i felt like electricity was being transmitted from my existence.

I remember the “new couple” in their shame (for hooking up and acting like it was normal) drove off from the party and went to buy drinks.

I pulled Tamuka’s hand to my bedroom for a quickly, hoping it would be explosive. The kiss was amazing I was anticipating for a honey pot of a sexual experience.

We both took off our clothes without wasting time.

He put on his condom facing the window, away from me.

I am not sure if it was because he did not want me to see his average penis which i ended up seeing anyway when I inspected the condom.

This is my pussy and my health we are talking about, of course the condom was inspected.

I immediately lay on my back and waited for the insertion.

He attempted to tease but I was in no mood for games.

I had to have him.

All I wanted was to feel a hard penis inside of me. The penetration was a non event.

I know my pussy gave birth, but I have felt penetration whilst gasping for air before.

I was desperate for an orgasm there was no time to be ‘a lady’.

We were in the missionary position and I started gyrating. I did snake moves I did not know were possible, looking for “the spot”.

I did find it but his penis was barely hitting it the way I was yearning for.

I decided to put my legs closer together so I could have a clitoral stimulation to quicken the orgasm.

The quickly was fast turning into a full session and that’s not what I wanted.

My body eventually started heating up and I knew it was coming, but it was over before it started.


This circumcised man wanted to go forever and because I was done, and done too early, I wanted him off me. I started calling his name, scratching his ass and back and panting like a mad dog. Within a minute he was shouting my name and thank God the music was louder than his voice. He just dropped off my body, and amidst his heavy breathing he kept saying “it was fucken amazing, shit baby, that was amazing!”

I guess two people having sex together never have the same experience.

I was annoyed and wasted pussy time, there was underlying volcanic activity, the honey pot did not ooze, it just sipped out traces of honey; small orgasm.,


But then again a small orgasm is better than no orgasm at all.

Now my period is four days away and I am soo horny it’s not even funny. I get so horny the week before my period that I could fuck three times a day if I could. Unfortunately there is no one to prey on this week, because I am bee busy.

So my stories are to encourage my girls (which you are) to understand that it is important to have a long directory list for dial-a-sex.

Please put the candidates in order of how well they hit it, and call accordingly when you need to have an orgasm.

I have learnt my lesson and taking my own advise into action. Happy orgasms ladies and next time you get laid and its real good, have one more round in my honour; take one for the team.

Yes, I’m a freak like that.

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