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Activist, Kilifi or Celesbian?: A (Non-Exhaustive) List of Types of Lesbians/Queer Women

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On Sep 22, 2022

Hands up if you want to know what type of lesbian you are! Well we got you. 

As we are always saying sexuality is a spectrum and the rainbow has space for a whole bunch of delicious flavours: and this includes the queer womxn. Have you ever been at an event and actively identified all the different types of lesbians present? Where you were like “oh wait… there goes the resident femme” or “here comes the f*ck boi?”

We decided to mine the internet to help you discover some of the  different types of lesbians out there. Just for a little fun. 

Remember: This list has broad generalisations. Every person is different, we can’t (and shouldn’t) put everyone in an easy-to-understand box. This is our silly, tongue-in-cheek list about lesbians of all kinds (so please don’t catching feelings fam).

Buckle in kittens because here we go!

The Activist Lesbian: You will find these lesbians at marches and rallies shouting the deep slogans. We can tell this lesbian by them passion for social justice issues (everything from climate change to rallying your local MP). But especially as they pertain to being a lesbian/queer/ LGBTQ+ rights. They are inspirational, passionate, and a lover of justice. She will also always remind you how you are being problematic (‘cause maybe you are). If you want them, best start caring about stuff and stop with all that “politics is not my thing, fam.”  

The Lipstick Lesbian: A lipstick lesbian, or femme lesbian, or simply “femme”, loves to dress in a super feminine or “girly” manner. They’re the kind of lesbian that wears skirts, dresses, jewelry, lipstick. She got her nails done, hair done, everything did, and she is  ready to serve lewks. They often suffer from what is called femme invisibility, which is where no one knows they are queer because of their appearance. Folx often just think they are beautifull allies swanning about the gay space. 

The Chapstick Lesbian: The chapstick lesbian is the dividing line between a lipstick lesbian and a butch lesbian. While butch lesbians love looking masculine and lipstick lesbians like love pulling that high femme glamour, a chapstick lesbian (a.k.a. a soft butch) can go either way. They like dressing up, but they are equally happy in jeans and a button-down. 

The Stemme Lesbian: Not to be confused with a science geek lesbian (who would be in S.T.E.M. — science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Stemme is a a combination of “stud” meaning a butch person (this was a term specifically created by Black and Latinx communities), and “femme,” which, as you know, is a feminine-leaning lesbian or queen woman/non-binary person. This term is racially-specific version of another term, “futch” (a combo of “femme” and “butch”).

The Butch Lesbian: The butch lesbian presents herself as tough, make-up free and masculine to one degree or another. This is more a gender representation thing rather than trying to look like a man, they are just subverting your idea of what a woman should look like and looking hot as hell in the process. 

The Stone Butch Lesbian: A stone butch is a butch lesbian who loves to give pleasure but not receive it. They get off on giving other women pleasure and often don’t like to be touched. They are givers — not receivers — so do not under any circumstances get that noise twisted, fam. 

The Boi Lesbian: There are bois in the gay community and the lesbian community. In the lesbian community, the boi lesbian is a woman  who presents as looking ‘boyish’.  

The Power Lesbian: The power lesbian has their  s**t together! They are the leader in their field, a top of the top. They are the bad b*tch CEO, or high-flying lawyer, or an influential policymaker. They are all about taking on that head honcho role and frikkin’ crushing it. Also probably has good guaps (i.e. cash money), so can take you on those trips and fancy dinners. 

The Tik Tok Lesbian: A lesbian that uses Tiktok or Instagram reels to create a whole bunch of queer content. These ones can be seen posting thirst traps, wearing t-shirts over hoodies, making straight girls question their sexuality. See also (YouTube lesbian, queer women who are YouTube famous making queer content). 

The “Hey mama” lesbian: Think LL Cool J if he was a lesbian. Licks lips, squints , always leaning to one side and looking at you like they are going to eat you up. Are they macking on you or is that just the way their face always looks? We will never know. 

Note: They may be the same lesbian as the TikTok lesbian depending on their age. Can be found online making thirst traps unprovoked. Gen Z vibes. 

The Celesbian (celebrity lesbian): A well-known lesbian. Could be an actual famous lesbian or they could just be super well known within spaces (every body know who they are). It doesn’t have to necessarily be someone who is in music or movies but it could be that lesbian who everyone knows from the club, or from the conferences. That one who is always on TV or at protests. The point is folx know who they are and dropping their name has a ripple effect. 

The Artistic Lesbian: They play an instrument, write or paint. Their hair is sometimes wild just like their passion. They are eclectic and producing beautiful things is part of their aesthetic. They’re likely to be a  muse and lover of many because their spirit will not be tied down. They must be free to explore both their art and other bodies. They will probably create something for you that you will hold dear after they break your heart. You are still friends though. 

The Cottagecore Lesbian: A lesbian who wants to quit her job and run off to the countryside to grow vegtables, raise chickens, and live their best woman-loving-woman life. 

The Kilifi Lesbian: An African version of the cottagecore lesbian, where a queer woman moves to the beach and lives her best sunshine life. A whole community of them form and Instagram and Facebook is full of sunkissed pics with their baes. (Note: Kilifi is a place in coastal Kenya). 

The Astrology Lesbian: They will ask you about your star sign and if they really like you they will ask you about what time you were born. They will also tell you about the phases of the moon. They may have crystals. They are magical. 

The Mehsbians (“Meh”-lesbians): This lady goes past being “curious”. They may hook up with a woman once in a while and genuinely appreciates the ladies but isn’t really about to go all in. Example: “Would you hook up with a woman?” “Meh, sure. Why not?”

The Hasbian Lesbian: A woman who once identified as a lesbian but now dates men and doesn’t identify as being “queer”.  They aren’t around any queer friends or social events and seem to have *poof* disappeared. Will they be back? Who knows what the future might hold. 

Note: This isn’t always the nicest of terms. 

The LUG Lesbian: LUG stands for “lesbian until graduation.” This is the lesbian-curious undergraduate  honey, who is finally exploring their sexuality and discovering that she is attracted to women. It could be a phase, but that’s up to them. University was a wild time fam, there were a lot of philosophy courses, a lot of shots and a lot of free time. Things happen. 

The Sport Dyke Lesbian: With the sport dyke, they aren’t so much attracted to other women as much as they are obsessed with their sport of choice. Not all lesbians are sport dykes, but all sport dykes are definitely lesbians. But lawd are they lovely to watch. 

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