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HOLAA On The Hush: Secrets of African Women Pt:III

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Sexual Health For WSWs in Nigeria And Coming Out to My Doctor

By DykeRoad If you lived in Nigeria where it’s almost illegal to be gay or lesbian would you feel confident in coming out to your doctor? I had to recently. … Continue reading

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Trois femmes, une bouteille, et un endroit ensoleillé [Three women, a bottle, and a sunny place]

Anonyme Au début, c’était assez innocent. Des jeux à boire, un après-midi d’été. Un groupe de jeunes femmes qui riaient en parlant des hommes, de l’éducation, des garçons, des amis, … Continue reading

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The Morning After

by Kgothatso Motshele Two strangers brought together by chance and time Me: a buildup of hormones and a need to let my hair down after all these heavy UCT deadlines I knew … Continue reading

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I am not a madam: An open letter to curious straight girls

By Kagure I have felt compelled to write this after I have heard the phrase ‘when I visit you I want to eat a lesbian’ one too many times. You … Continue reading

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Jay-Z has 100 problems and physical abuse is now one

The standing joke is that Jay-Z has 100 problems and Solange Knowles is definitely one. If you don’t know the story, the first family of music ended up in a … Continue reading

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The Happy Gay Bar(ometer)

By Caili Forrest During SA election week 2014 (only the fifth time that the country is getting in line to vote), there is no better way to celebrate than by … Continue reading

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SRC Report: Cops and rubbers in Zimbabwe!

In 2013 the Sexual Rights Centre conducted a research with 211 sex workers from four locations including Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Gwanda and Hwange over a period of two months. The … Continue reading

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