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Jumping In

By Sam The birds were above my head and the rocks were under my feet and in front of me the Mediterranean Sea. My legs were shaking and you asked … Continue reading

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My vagina can lift weights (and other perks to being a woman)

By Kagure Once a year we come together on Women’s days (national or international) and fully focus on the ghosts who haunt the existence of women, careful to run through … Continue reading

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I am not a township lesbian

By Mantis Was a real shame to hear about… What’s her name again… The one with the toilet brush… Real shame, But have you heard about what they are doing … Continue reading

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Ding Dong the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is Dead! But people are still assholes.

A little while ago on the 1st of August (whilst HOLAA was in Entebbe attending an African  Women’s Writers workshop hosted by FEMRITE and AWDF, full of beautiful women, coincidence? we … Continue reading

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Sexual Health For WSWs in Nigeria And Coming Out to My Doctor

By DykeRoad If you lived in Nigeria where it’s almost illegal to be gay or lesbian would you feel confident in coming out to your doctor? I had to recently. … Continue reading

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HOLAA On The Hush: Secrets of African Women Pt:III

To submit a secret anonymously click here: For Part I of the gallery click here for Part II of the gallery click here

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Trois femmes, une bouteille, et un endroit ensoleillé [Three women, a bottle, and a sunny place]

Anonyme Au début, c’était assez innocent. Des jeux à boire, un après-midi d’été. Un groupe de jeunes femmes qui riaient en parlant des hommes, de l’éducation, des garçons, des amis, … Continue reading

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The Morning After

by Kgothatso Motshele Two strangers brought together by chance and time Me: a buildup of hormones and a need to let my hair down after all these heavy UCT deadlines I knew … Continue reading

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Stroll Through Time

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