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The optimism of a self-creator (poetry)

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On Oct 4, 2016

By Sibu Malungu

Becoming what I was yesterday so I can build on tomorrow

Yet erasing the road back to the past

I will create and recreate until I run out of tries

The future will be a web of a never ending spiral

Because that is what I choose to create

I will laugh and cry and exchange the two while I do one or the other

I will be here and there and yet nowhere

I will be an endless source of possibilities

Giving and taking from my destiny without the need to apologize

My fate will be my own doing and karma will apologize for her inconvenience

My ink will be my truth and it will leave marks on the tarred roadsides of people’s thoughts

Penetrating depths unknown to many

The universe will look and recognize that I finally know my power

The power given to me from the beginning but coded in the universe’s flow

I will take back what was taken from me, changing the system one letter after the other

If I slip and fall, I will use the dust on the ground to communicate

Writing my thoughts so the fallen can read

If I bleed when I fall, I will see the blood as evidence of my hard work

Reminding me of how far I have come, the struggles I encounter

The black person in me screams and recognizes my barriers

The woman in me realizes the inferiority systematically imposed on me

The queer in me feels the discrimination wickedly bruising my skin

Yet, I will rise above it all because the power is within me

The fabrics of my oppression will become my ladder

I will be me, the powerful black lesbian woman

The title will be my weapon and I will rewrite the stories of a badly constructed past

Changing the bends one word at a time

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