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Sexual Daze (to yearn)

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On Jun 23, 2015

By Caroline Araes

You have me in this sexual daze, taking my thoughts way beyond the limit.

I don’t know what it is you do to me.

Miles away yet have my body reacting to the words you send to me.

You have my nipples hardening to the thought of your hands touching my bare skin,

That chilly feeling running down the lengths of my spine.

How is it that you have me crossing my legs while parting my lips to release a soft silent moan?

How is it that you have my heart racing with the image of you pinning me up against a wall?

How is it that you have me thinking about you slipping your hands up my skirt and unto the warmth of my now exposed womanhood?

Having me bite my lip as I yearn to have you pressing yourself against me.

Taking control of my whole being with just your gaze.

I see you throwing me onto the bed and ripping my dress off exposing my nakedness and having it at your mercy

How I want you to part my legs and bite the inside of my thighs as you rub my nipple with your one hand.

How I want you to explore the edges of my labia.

How I yearn to arch my back as you slowly enter my moist warm honey pot, making me loose myself in you.

How I yearn to have you pick me up and fuck me crazy against the wall.

Oh fuck, how I yearn to have you inside me.


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