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I feel you when I pee

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On Jan 30, 2014


By Lara Gemini Poet

I feel you when I pee

Your fingerprints conjure themselves in my juices

finding melody in between my wetness

a whispered story I can only narrate in gasps and moans

covered in a dozen yearns for you to dig me deeper even further

your touch makes my skin shiver

a rabble of butterflies flapping colored wings of freedom

between my thighs; you sink your teeth into my skin

grabbing my ass like it’s stitched into your palms

begging to have me on your knees

you say you want to pray before you feed…. feed me!

your tongue crafts a lustful canvass on my breasts;

Make me come…. twice…

……I want to feel you when I pee…..Again….

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