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Seasons Nudes: Afrofiend unwraps all in this Xmas photo-shoot

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On Dec 24, 2015

By Afrofiend
When I was younger, my mother chastised me for walking around naked. She called me a little exhibitionist, said she had never known anyone as inclined to exhibiting their nudity as I was. And why of course she hadn’t, she was born in the sixties and grew up in conservative Christianity. She wouldn’t even let me sit with her when she bathed, which I found very strange for someone who bathed me.

17clrMy body changed a lot when I was in high school. I grew a huge ass and cellulite and a little belly and some fat
pockets above my knees. It was devastating. All my friends were very thin, in addition to being light-skinned during a time when being dark and fat was something to shame. I became obsessed with being thin, so I starved myself, ate baby powder, used laxatives for continuous 6
diarrhoea, gagged myself regularly through high school while at the same time dealing with sexual repression, sexual assault and prison-like Christianity.
And then I rediscovered love for my body and all of its things and I thought it absolutely 5senseless to demonize and sexualize my nudity- which btw, is absolutely perfect. I am body of love now, and it makes me happy to share that love. and to express my a(minus)-cup boobs, my stomach which folds when I sit, my thighs covered in cellulite, my brown skin and my ass like treasure.



also…Merry Christmas.

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