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Hephzibah: Just an extension of who I really am

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On Nov 27, 2015

By Hephzibah

It’s just after seven and the club has opened. Our DJ calls the first girl up on stage as the first customers walk in, her name is Mercedes*.

I smile as I watch this tall and slim beauty work her magic on the pole and almost can’t believe that, for the longest time, I knew her as the sweet, shy waitress that always used to serve us exceptionally. Yes, Mercedes was a waitress for years at the club before she became a dancer, and she was not the only one as this was the case with four other ‘new’ girls on the floor.

As I am enjoying the sight of her gorgeous body in her barely there lingerie, I am pleasantly indulged, but not very surprised. I have always believed that most women, to different degrees, are capable of unleashing the sexy within themselves with enough conviction and courage to be a stripper.

It is in this moment I sit and wonder, what does it take to be able to flourish in this industry? As I have reiterated numerous times in the other articles in this series, in as much as looks are a big plus, they mean nothing if you do not have confidence and people skills. In my experience and observations, how you carry yourself and connect with potential guests can set you apart and have you earning more than the supposed ‘hottest’ girl in the club.

However, I have to admit, over and above the body I was blessed with and the way I carry myself, there are other parts of me I have long embraced that I believe make it easier for me to take my clothes off for strangers, and help me excel at the club. There are quite a few parts of me that I am comfortable with, celebrate and indulge through Hephzibah in the club.

HOLAAfrica, hephzibahseries, stripper, african sexualitiesThe Exhibitionist in me:

I have always been an exhibitionist. In simple terms, an exhibitionist is a person who experiences some form of pleasure from being watched, usually during sex or sexual activities. I think this has a lot to do with the performer in me. Just like when I am on a stage giving a traditional theatre performance, whilst twirling on the pole in my lingerie I occasionally make eye contact with some of the audience and enjoy watching them enjoying watching me. And the expressions on my clients’ faces when I strip for them in a private booth, when it is just us two, are priceless. It’s an even bigger bonus when I get the dirty talkers who aren’t shy to verbalise their appreciation. This encourages me all the more to give the best strip tease I possibly can in the six or fifteen minutes.

Enjoying being watched is also a bonus on the business side of things because sometimes… usually… I would get turned on way before I am twerking on a customer’s lap and grinding myself into him or her. By the time the panties fall off, I’m already wet and my swollen clit exposes how excited I am. My guests love to see that, I too, am enjoying myself while I am rendering my services. They say it makes the experience feel more personal and genuine, and it creates a type of intimacy and rapport with the client that usually earns me a request for an extra dance or more tips. The fact that I enjoy what I do helps with my bank balance as it does when I have to love myself to sleep after a long shift.

Being the unattainable subject of your desires:HOLAAfrica, HephzibahSeries, stripper, African sexualities

I don’t know if it as power thing, but I totally trip over the idea of someone wanting and desiring me. I feel like that even with my everyday relationships and rendezvous. With men, it is really easy to see the excitement the sight of my B cups and hard nipples evokes. I particularly love the sound of their frustrated breathing as I bring certain parts of my body millimetres away from their faces, yet they can’t touch or feel. It’s an even bigger ego stroke when I hear offers that are extremely tempting,  for example asking, no, begging,  me to come home with them, even if it’s just to watch me play with myself. But I relish the feeling of being wanted but never had, of being that close to someone but not quite close enough.

Thinking about it, it is a power trip. If there is anything I have taken from my experience being a stripper, is to be unapologetic and never ashamed of the power of my body, and how I choose to use it.

The kinkster in me:

My experiences in BDSM and kink have also contributed to my being able to create a unique experience for my clients in the club. You would think that most of the men who walk into the strip club are looking for submissives to exert their alpha male on. But it hasn’t been the case in my observations. I find that the men that come to our club love how strong and confident we are, and in my own experiences, would actually rather be the submissive and let you dominate them. I’m still being trained as a Domme and I love that I can practise what I have learned so far on my subjects that visit Hephzibah.

By the looks of things, I make a fine Domme.

I have often used my flogger, crops and candle wax on anticipating and cringing men. Role playing is my ultimate favourite because I get to tap into some of my perversions while masking it behind my ‘Mistress character’. I like that I get to call these older, well spoken, accomplished, wealthy and otherwise intimidating men all kinds of derogatory names and hear them groan at the feeling of my teasing and torturous touch.

And they like it.

They pay me for it.

So those are the parts of me that have existed way before I became a stripper and they really help me in creating an experience for my clients, and make my job much more enjoyable than what it could have been without them. I guess, then, this makes me understand why some of my friends were not very surprised when I told them that I am a stripper. They have always thought I had it in me to do something this daring.

Not all women will be brave enough to share of themselves the way it that is required of a stripper. That’s OK. But if you are an exhibitionist, have a few of your own power-play fantasies to fulfill or are just looking for an opportunity to make powerful men massage your feet, lick your toes and call you Mistress all night while they fill up your pockets, maybe there are certain strip clubs that can also be your fantasy word where the freak in you comes out to play, like it is has become for me.

*Identity withheld

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