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Erotic Series: Once Upon A Text

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On Jan 26, 2023

By Urban Shaman

Me: Hey, I was thinking about you today. 

Crush: Aww, you’re sweet!

Me: No, actually that’s a lie; I was just thinking about your nipples. 

Crush: …

Me: I … probably shouldn’t have said that.

Crush: What else did you think about?

Me: I want to slide my hand inside your bra, grab your tit and feel your nipple get hard. I love it when it gets hard, coz then I can squeeze and tease it.

Crush: *sends shirtless pic, with one nipple out of her bra* what do you want to do now?

Me: Where are you right now?

Crush: In my bedroom. Why?

Me: Take off your underwear baby, I want you to do something for me.

Crush: Done.

Me: Good girl. Now, sit on your bed – on the edge, facing your mirror. Spread your legs for me baby, and show some love to the nipple that came out to play. Can you do that for me?

Crush: Took off my bra too. It was getting in the way.

I decide to call.

Me: Hey.

Crush: Tell me, what do you wanna do now?

Me: I want you to close your eyes, imagine me kneeling between your legs, kissing you from your neck to your collar bones. Yea, don’t stop touching yourself baby. Now grab your tits and imagine me sucking on your nipples, drawing circles with my tongue then sucking a little harder. Yea? You feel that?

Crush: *is breathing louder through the phone* Yeah…

Me: Don’t be shy baby, grind your body like you’re riding my face. Open your eyes, and watch yourself rock, back and forth, and back and forth… Feel your clit. How does it feel baby? Talk to me.

Crush: Mmh wet… and swollen.

Me: That’s right baby, rub it just the way you like it. Open up your pussy lips and rub it real good baby, yeah? Rock your waist and rub that clit for me baby. 

Her breathing turns to moaning. And the moaning gets heavier. I’m in the middle of a lunch break, and I can barely ignore the swelling in my own pants. I step aside – a bathroom break maybe? Walking feels odd with the thick wetness between my legs. Alone, at last!

Me: *reaching for my aching clit* You sound so fuckin’ hot moaning like that baby.

She’s lying on her bed now, knees spread wide, still moaning. 

I’m leaning against the wall, hand in my pants, still on the phone. 

We rub and moan and mumble half phrases and “fuck yea’s”

She cums first. 

Her last cries trigger my climax. Fuck. 

Crush: You’re fucking insane, you know that?

Me: *catching my breath* and you’re fucking amazing!

Crush: Alright, talk to you later.

Me: Right, later. *putting phone back in my pocket*


Loving the whole erotic and sensual offering? Go and download the our erotic anthology ~ Dark Juices & Afrodisiacs : Erotic Diaries Vol I


Loving the whole erotic and sensual offering? Go and download the our erotic anthology ~ Dark Juices & Afrodisiacs : Erotic Diaries Vol I

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