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Of Giants among Men (Poetry)

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On Mar 14, 2017

By MampuruLebo

Some of us are giants living under pitiful shades

We are amused by being safe; half skin in the sun and half shaded by our fears

We run nervously from the big dreams that would stand too wide above our heads

Lest there be no room for the dreams that come back home to die

All dreams and All sunshine in our time?

[God forbid such fullness in our lives]



Like kids overfed with motherly cautiousness

We justify ourselves on how we only need a little warmth from the sun

How All sunshine and no shade renders the heart’s muscles lethargic

We make peace every rising sun with the sense of pause in our hearts

And like a sky that is fussy with the stars that it can carry on its body

We feel the need to only hope against the world’s tolerance of disappointments

But unbeknownst to the mind that feels safe in the world of halves

We sleep each night in the ache to outgrow the world’s fear

      And often ask the heart in weariness

About the truth in folk songs that sing of our ilk

 That says we are giants

 That giants deserve full sunshine for their hearts

That our hearts need soak in every ray to build its might

And that our hearts deserve even a million more suns for each heartbeat it masters forth

[God save the grass we walk on, ought we Ever stretch too large for our safe borders]


But like sheep never told that there is an endless sky above its head

We bow our hearts in submission

Carefully counting the dreams that can survive with half the sunshine

And keep hope against our faith

For less dreams to come back home to die.

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