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In The Zone (poetry)

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On Oct 13, 2016

By Zamangwane Kanyile

In the zone we dart around each other like toddlers whose legs are still learning to balance their weight

We move around wide eyed wondering who will let out first.

When the rain hits your skin melting you down with it

You’ve become a lifeless leaf

As it lands on the ground you become part of a greater existence,

You become one with the soil,

The carefree youth in the mud.

In the zone we lose ourselves escape our life form as we fly to worlds unknown,

On mere land gravity pulls us down

Forces us back the inequities of our reality

Leaves us longing to exist in a place where we leave our real selves behind,

I want to be in my Zone

A place of new springs

A place with a new song

A place where our dreams and aspirations are our lessons

A place where fear doesn’t hold us captive as it thickens its clouds across our skies,

A place where our full colours bust out in rainbows never before seen

A place where the land is abundant

Where mama’s and papa’s are not sick, not too busy and can Salsa in the streets

In the Zone

What about your Zone?

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