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Hephzibah: Her Lover Speaks - HOLAAfrica!

Hephzibah: Her Lover Speaks

This is a post from Hephzibah’s lover. In it she shares her experiences of being with the amazing woman. But first a word from our beautiful temptress.

Hephzibah: So I am hopelessly in love with this woman who has been such a blessing in my life. For this article, I’ll call her Beulah**, which is also derived from the same Bible verse Hephzibah comes from.

When I told Beulah I wanted to be a stripper to pay off my fees, she laughed a little, and after asking me a few questions expressed her love and support with so much ease. I started working at the club the same Monday I started training and induction for my day job. It was hectic and till this day do not think I would survive juggling two jobs without her support. She insisted I live with her for the first few weeks because she was worried about me eating properly, then I moved to the stripper house when I started getting a better feel of things. She would do my laundry for me and let me sleep for hours on end sometimes, patiently supporting me through it all. She opened her heart and home to me when a big part of my life changed and I was uncertain and anxious about my future.

She’s always amused when I come home at 4 am a little tipsy and I just wanna jump her bones (as an exhibitionist, I do get turned on knowing my audience is seduced by my sensual dancing and I take a lot of that tension home to a willing, loving partner) She also sits up and listens to all my stories of all the weird and wonderful people I meet at the club, and always makes me feel better when I have a sucky day. She’d wake me up with breakfast and tease me about how ugly I look with my smudged mascara on days I am too exhausted to shower before I pass out. She likes it when I model my outfits for her, and some days I let her pick them for me when I am running late. So many of the songs I dance to at the club are her favourites, and if it was up to me, my lover would come watch me do my thing every night. She has become my best friend and it makes a big difference to go out into the world with the confidence and security I get from her that I am loved unconditionally.


For this week, I asked her to write a little on what her experience has been dating a stripper. She’s a bit shy, but I did get her to share a few things after HOLAA! drafted a few questions for her:


What’s it like to date a stripper?IMG-20151012-WA0006

Beaulah: It’s no different to dating a person with a regular job. I don’t necessarily see her as a stripper, she is more of a performer and has used the club as her playground where she can show off how her many talents. Other than that, it’s great. It is just that sometimes we have to sacrifice weekends, and she works late.

Have you ever watched her perform?  What are your thoughts?

Beaulah: Yes I have been to the club and like most people in the room, I was thoroughly entertained. It was a pleasure watching her take control and working the pole with absolute confidence. When I went there, she invited one of her dancer colleagues to join us and they gave me a show. Together. (laughs).

Did you have any reservations when she started if so what were they?

Beaulah: No, I didn’t have any. As long as I knew my lover was in a safe environment, I could trust that she knew what she is doing. She’s a woman capable of making good sound decisions.

Has it affected the sex?

Beaulah: (laughs) Not one bit. Our sex life has always been amazing and kinky in its own way. The only difference now is that we have sex very early in the morning when she gets off from work. I love how she always comes home hot for me.IMG-20151012-WA0003 IMG-20151012-WA0002

Do you get jealous of the men?

Beaulah: It’s normal to get jealous, I’m human. However, I would never do anything to jeopardize her work. They can stare, drool, make comments about her all they like, she still leaves with their money anyway. And she enjoys what she does, so I don’t really get jealous of the men.

Do you get jealous of the women?

Beaulah: The thought of my lover dancing with or on another woman turns me on, and I love hearing about the stories, so I don’t really get too jealous of the women either.

Have you told your friends?

Beaulah: Well some of my closest friends know that she is a stripper. Those are the people that need to know. I don’t feel the need to tell everybody what her night job is. They only know about her day job.

Would you be OK with her doing it for longer periods?

Beaulah: Well I know why she is dancing in the club, and her goals have proved to be achievable. If she wants to do it for longer just for the fun of it, I’m ok with it. As I said, she is a performer at heart and I’d hate to be the person to kill the fire burning inside of her. So if she wants to do it… for the next year or so, then I’m alright with that. I’ll support her as a partner.

How is the money situation? Does it affect you?

Beaulah: Because of the nature of the job, and because she is hot (laughs), my girlfriend makes a lot of money. She always has cash but she is careful not to splurge, so most of it goes towards savings. She paid her fees off in two months, that’s how good she is with the savings. I do enjoy the perks too. I get flowers every week, and we eat out a lot, so I’m not bothered by the fact that she makes so much money. Sometimes she makes in a week more than what I make in a month, but I’m not mad. Her independence is one of the reasons why I adore her so much

** Beulah comes from Isaiah 62:4, the same bible verse as Hephzibah. In Hebrew, Beulah means “chosen“, ”favoured” or “married.”

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