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The late night love she craves

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On Aug 20, 2015

By Duchess Rita

When sleep fails me at 3 am and my body is craving to be touched or to touch in return, all I think about is how I long to kiss her lips slowly as I arouse her at this ungodly hour. How all I want is to awaken her as my kisses cover her body and see how she responds to them.
I think of ways I can touch her and places I could caress and hear her moan for me. I think of how I could kiss her neck as I fondle and squeeze her boobs with my hands, I think of how I could let her guide me the land of sweet and honey as she begs me to lick her honey pot.
As she sleeps I rid her of her clothes and stare at her beautiful body so pleasing to the eyes. Her lips so pink from my kisses and her nipples already hard and erect. I stare at her as I slowly place myself on top of her.

My hands and tongue get restless as I long to play with a nipple. As I suck one then the other, I look at her as she begins to wake and I see how she has begun to drown in my love making, how she closes her eyes and moans as I play with her.
I kiss her stomach as I lower my hand to her honey pot, I look at her as she begs me with her eyes to go further.I tell her I have all the time in the world to make love to her. I play with her wet clit, placing it between my fingers and stroke, moving them up and then down slowly.
She moans as she speaks in tongues. I smile for I know my baby is loving what am doing to her. I lower my head to eat her out, and do it so well that I can feel her body is at the brink of orgasm.
But I am not ready yet for her to come.

I travel up her body and back to her sore lips, kissing her passionately, allowing her to taste herself. She kisses me back with so much vigor, searching feverishly for the relief she needs. I smile at my woman and knowing exactly what she wants I play with her C –cups for a little.
Her scent has already filled the room I lick her, finally inserting one finger I move it slowly in and out of her pussy.She moans, a moan that causes me to insert a second finger increasing my rhythm.

Positioning myself between her thighs, my one leg between hers, I move to the motion of her hips, riding her as her breath quickens. Feeling that she is about to orgasm I fuck her with my fingers, playing with her clit just the way she likes it. As my baby comes I taste her, licking all the juices as they flow from between her legs.

I lie on my back,besides her,letting her bask in the afterglow of her big O. I smile at myself knowing that I know her so well,she loves how I make love to her.

She looks at me giving me those eyes of you are going to pay dearly I smile at her and say,
Bring it on.

*Note: Always ask for consent when engaging with sex with a partner. Never have sexual relations with someone who is unconscious, there is no consent if they are not aware of what you are doing. No consent means sexual assault.*

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