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Erotic Series: A Ritual

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On Jan 19, 2023

By Lady Lighthouse

It’s become a ritual. 

Sort of. 

Always at her house. 

Always a delicious meal, sometimes after, but normally before: a softening before the slaughter. 

And always a bath. Only for me. Always before. Always at her gentle, but obvious, insistence.

She likes to watch me wash myself and I like being watched. It sets the tone.

She holds the towel and stares at my dripping body without shame, then dries me off carefully and attentively. First my back, then my front, then in between my thighs. In this order, always.

She tells me that everything is about sex, except for sex. Sex is about power. 

I cringe, but I’ll still let her fuck me because I’m horny and she’s sexy and eager and maybe I like playing passive and gushing all over her sheets and not sleeping over. 

I offer a new toy, a new piece, a bigger one and she’s surprised and maybe even shocked. 

Will it go in? It will… Slooowly.

This excites her.

She gags me quickly, rubber ball stretching my jaw, hard leather straps clipping my earlobes so I can only speak in muffled groans and gasps, in pinches and pushes, squeezing her torso between my thighs, digging my fingers into her back, retreating my pelvis when she goes in too hard. 

She softens, gently kisses my belly, traces her tongue around my hip, pushes her chin against my pubic bone before lowering her tongue onto me. 

I moan in agreement, contract and curl to bring my cunt closer to her mouth and press her face in a little bit harder. 

She almost entertains the gesture before whipping me over and with pace and efficiency, before I can even gasp for another breath, I’m cuffed, blindfolded, forehead deep in the pillows, head between my elbows, bum in the air and groaning deeply as she eases the full length of the dildo deep inside me. 

I arch my back as the silicon presses against the soft beginnings of my cervix. She withdraws and repeats harder and with more rigor and I focus on the wet sound of her thigh slapping against mine, of her belly on my back.

I collapse onto my stomach and spread my legs a little wider.  

She comes before I do, always. 

I enjoy the weight of her body on top of mine and her breath in my ear. I let her rest for a while before stirring beneath her, signalling that I want to be cut loose. She unlocks and unbelts, eyes half closed. 

I dress, pull the blanket over her shoulders, kiss her gently on the cheek and close the door behind me.


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