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A letter to the off center masculine woman

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On Nov 5, 2015

Dear Stems, butches, bois, studs and those who are too amazing for a boxes,

I guess I should start of by saying I’m sorry.

I’m sorry they shunned you, drummed it into your head that yours wasn’t a life worthy of dignity and respect.  Drummed it so deeply into the pulpits of their churches that when all was quiet all you were left with were your haunted thoughts.

If you are still reading this I just wanted you to know you are like a sunrise after the rains and floods that wash away all that is old and mediocre. You are the spark that reminds humanity that there is beauty in life, despite the hardships. Your body is a canvas that bares testament to the Lord’s ingenious design.

The mastery that dwells in Him who is alpha and omega.

Often I am confused by the hatred that follows such divinity but don’t worry I’ve figured it out. See it’s not you they hate, it’s simply jealousy, bang I just solved one piece of the puzzle.

Honestly it makes perfect sense they would be green with envy. Who else can make the mouths of woman dry, can cause hearts to palpate to the rhythm of your voice? Who else embodies swag like it is a second skin? Who else can fuck up gender constructs by simply being, without even trying?

Yours is a political statement that refuses to be ignored. They will try to break you but a phoenix will always be reborn.

What I’m trying to say dear woman of undeniable sexiness, thank you, more please.

Your unfaltering admirer,

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