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HOLAA gives you: 5 reasons to run

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On Apr 2, 2015


We’ve all had to run from a bad heart situation before because we’ve chosen ourselves a woman who just isn’t right for us. It’s ok,

Tinder is a real thing and you can’t be blamed for what the internet gives you. At HOLAA we’d like to help you get out of that hot mess and figure out well ahead of time when you should be running from some women and straight into the arms of someone perfectly delightful and well-suited to you.

So we’ve come up with 5 reasons to run from that girl in your life that you know you need to be running from:

  1. If she is emotionally unavailable. If she is playing ping pong with your heart, and you just don’t know where you stand, it’s best to move on. That girl is never going to change. Just let it be. Feel your things and then squirrel on to someone with a heart that beats and speaks to your own.
  2. If she is disrespectful of you, your life, your people, whatever. If your girl disrespects what’s important to you and you call her on it and she doesn’t understand why it’s a problem…RUN! Nobody has time for someone hating on their life, their drive and the places they’re going. If she hates on your vibe, cut her out. Now. Stat. Go on, move on and find someone delightful to love.
  3. If she still lives with her parents. Ok times are tough so don’t run immediately. But do run if her family influence is strong and you’re going on a date with mom and dad every time you see her. It’s important to date someone independent, who is sure of themselves and has had to take care of themselves. You do not want to be a surrogate. Can we say mommy issues?
  4. If sex is bad. Bad sex is the worst! Again, don’t run immediately. Assess the situation, is she open to learning? Or is she stubborn and insists on giving you the worst sex for the rest of your life? If she’s stuck in her ways: RUN. Life is too short for bad sex with girls who refuse to learn the ways of good loving.
  5. If she hates on small animals, waiters, tiny humans and life. You do not need that negative energy. We repeat: you DO NOT need that negative energy. Bad vibes are just going to bring you down, find a girl who believes in puppies and rainbows and sings in the shower and is kind to waiters and old people. That girl is most definitely a girl worth keeping because good vibes bring good things.

It must be said that you should probably try to have a conversation with her before you make tracks. It is respectful to say your things and let her know why it just isn’t working out because we owe it to each other. Let’s be honest: we are a small community and one of your friends or your neighbour’s brother’s daughter is going to end up dating that girl one day.

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