Ten Confessions of a Demisexual

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By ‘Aimee’ Demisexuality: A person who does not experience sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional connection with someone, often in a romantic relationship. Confession #1: I can’t hold legitimate conversations with my friends about relationships and sex because they just aren’t the same for me. Confession #2: My involuntary celibacy is a side effect of my […]
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How women are being used as the front line soldiers in the war against HIV and sexual immorality

By Kagure Mugo The key stipulation to being awarded a university bursary is being, and remaining, a virgin throughout your undergraduate degree. This is one of the initiatives being used to combat the high prevalence of HIV Aids in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. In uThukela District Municipality matriculants (high school leavers) are being offered Maiden Bursary […]
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When I Grow Up

By Thando Fuze / @Thando_Fuze When I grow up I want to be…me. Soul shaken, dancing to Sunday afternoon jazz, pride screaming in the dark corners of my strength yelling to get out with love, the size of a colour spectrum seeping through my childhood scars. When I grow up, Stars will be my lucky charms. […]
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Sexual Rights Centre Visual Arts Project

The Sexual Rights Centre is a human rights advocacy organisation based in Bulawayo. They work directly with sex workers and members of the  LGBTI community. They are unapologetic about their commitment to human rights for every Zimbabwean and their conviction that sexual rights are integral to affirming all human rights. Every two weeks they organise […]
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By Neema The moonlight was just right against the ocean, My baby was right next to me. We breathed at the same pace, in unison and understanding. No words needed to be spoken.  As our hands intertwined our minds became one… The heavens smiled, the stars danced. The Gods knew, they whispered in my ear; “Child […]
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