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HOLAA in a Hot Spot,

I have a confusing confession, I cheat on every woman I date with a man even though I hate the sex. I do not want to have penis inside me but I cheat on EVERY single woman. Why do I do this? What is it that makes me keep going back and how do I fix it?

Please help me understand this,

Confused Lesbian


Hello HOLAA hot spot expert,

I have been in a relationship for a few years now (two and a half years to be exact) and I am…over it. It is not that I do not love my partner it is just we seem to be in different places.  Everything from the where we see ourselves in 5 years to what things we want in bed. I know that it is in the end but I have no idea how to make that final jump. How do I cut the cords and make the break up happen? I need to get out but I am too lazy/scared/stuck to do it.


Need To Be Single


Hello HOLAA in a Hot Spot,

I am a 23 year old woman living in Accra. I have been having sexual relations with much older woman for the last 6 months and, even though it started as a secret fun thing to do (she has a husband living abroad) I think I now have feelings for her. I have tried to initiate more time with her but outside of the sex she does not seem to want to hang out.

How do I ask what we are without scaring her off or messing up the sex?

Young and fallen in Love


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