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The Wildness Ep 15: What food should you be putting in (different parts of) your body?

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On Aug 14, 2018

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

Will you eat edible panties if they come in the form of a thong? Our fave feminist farmer (NOT Criminal Minds things doe!) is back on the podcast and this time we’re chatting Food and Sensuality. Fam did you know that such a thing exists beyond edible undies? We chat about whether or not women who do not like to eat can be trusted, the awesome chef skills of our guests, how nourishing food can be both sexual, sensual and spiritual, luxurious water, and should you really be eating yogurt to balance out the PH of your vagina or is it just a capitalist scam??

The Wild Ones sat down with Fadzai to chat about sex, food and the body. 

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