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Show Stopper (Poetry)

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On Sep 6, 2017

By yllw.sunflwer
It’s not the way she feels on my skin when she approaches me
And it definitely isn’t the way she rolls the letters of my name on her tongue.

It’s the way she makes her entrance
Because you don’t just come here and arrive
You grace us with your presence.
It is the way she persuades the crowd, with a single step,
One click of her heel
To snap me out of the trance that is her stature .

Or maybe it is the way our eyes meet,
Locked in a gaze.
The way her smile shines brighter than the full moon.
Perhaps it is her electrifying touch.

But others feel that shit too.
I’m not the only one,
But I don’t mind.

Come lemme tune you this,
It’s when we hold each other,
Embrace ourselves in familiarity.
It’s when our breath is synced,
Where we breathe each other in and pull each other closer,
Looking for more to hold.
Hoping for our skin to touch.

Okay, okay maybe I should stop playing around
Perhaps its the way she whispers my name when we hug,
Her voice low as she seduces me
Not only is she a showstopper but she stopped the show for me.

Nah nah, I’ve got to
Get up, hold her hand
Interlace her fingers with mine and let her lead the way

I want the crowd in the room to
Keep their eyes on her
And get the same show that lured me to her.
She’s my boxer dropper

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