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She, me and her

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On Mar 2, 2016

By Sibusiso Malunga

She, me and her

She walked to me as beautiful as ever

Held my hand with a promise I felt through her touch

It was real for me, magic

Her eyes made promises I only interpreted as heaven

I kissed her lips and I felt my lips call hers ‘home’

She paralyzed my brain and only my heart could function

I was promised heaven but what was delivered was hell

Clouded judgment and I was left empty headed

To love another more than you love self is the greatest mistake ever

I loved her soul, lived to hear her lies and had dreams of that perfect stranger I met

I slept on clouds and woke up in the mud

The transition so fast the two felt joined

Now I sit and wonder if all was real

Or the perfect stranger was a figment of my imagination

And that she showed me her the moment she said hello

But I catch myself as I realize I am at it again, making excuses for her

She, me and her….Three people but people see two

I met ‘she’ and then she revealed ‘her’

I sit and wonder if I will ever meet ‘she’ again or I am stuck with ‘her’

And the lies she feeds me, the woman who is still in love with ‘she

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