Saturday: A Wild Concept

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On Jul 13, 2019

Girls who moan while eating you out deserve everything good.

A wild concept.

We are out clubbing when we randomly meet. We are drunk af, so we flirt here and there, making lewd jokes and breaking personal boundaries. I promise to twerk on you if you give me orgasms later on and we agree. It’s a weekend and we both are feeling freaky. We kiss in the club, something that Makes me wet immediately. My escort is as freaky as me so she doesn’t mind. She lets me do my thing. After all, we came to have fun. Back to you. You are tall and I am rocking my best “dominant femme” look tonight. To be honest, I want you.

I want you to pin me on the wall and make me say ‘daddy’ or even call your name. A three letter word but, you are taller than me, so like I said that’s a wild concept. My escort leaves and you agree to take care of me. This feels wrong, me wanting to leave with you but I am drunk and in the mood to let go tonight. 

2:00 am.

“Touch yourself for me,” You whisper in my ear. I try to but I can’t. I am still deep in my shame and you understand. You take one nipple in your mouth and help me part my folds.

“Touch yourself for me. I want to see how you please yourself”

I do as requested. Tonight I am a good girl and you bask in the comfort that comes with knowing I’ve had more than three orgasms in a row. My legs are still shaking from the last one but you gently nudge me to go on. I part my folds and firmly rub the tip of my clit, my shame disappearing with every moan of mine.

“That’s it.”

Your deep raspy voice acting like my aphrodisiac. I know this will damage me tomorrow but that’s the aim. To be broken until I can’t be fixed anymore. I am almost cumming. I can feel it and that’s when something weird happens. I stop, unable to go on.

“Please, I can’t. I want your tongue on me” I beg. Again, you understand. You part my lips wider and immediately hit my sensitive spot. My moans become louder, broken and uncontrollable. At some point, I even think I am crying. I know you thought so too. My orgasm is violent and I am shaking but you don’t stop. You keep on licking, sucking and biting until I have nothing left in me. After minutes of recovering and getting my strength back, I get on top and bite your neck, careful not to break your skin but also making sure I leave a hickey on you. We both fall asleep at the same time, a stupid smile all over my face.

I have marked you.

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