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A Meal

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On Sep 1, 2017

By Baby Dyke

“You are not eating.”

It had been her idea to come to this place, I would have settled for a decent burger and some wine. Furthermore, with the plans I had in mind, it would have been better if we were home.

She cleared her throat, licked her lips and a pang of lust shot through me.

Was it a thing? This surge of want? I don’t know. All I know is every time she licked her lips, my insides shifted. I wanted her to lick my lips, or better yet…

“Don’t do that!”

Her lips curled into a smirk. “Do what?”

“You know what. You haven’t answered my question, why aren’t you eating?” Her food was sitting there, untouched and having brought us here, I thought she would have been eager to eat. She put her drink down and licked her lips. Damn the girl, by this point I was convinced she was doing it on purpose. I continued to be lost in thought, about to relay my realization, when she said:

“Because I’d rather be eating you.”

Whatever I was going to say was lost as I sat there staring at her, my mouth open. Lust pang shot through me, forcing what sounded like a moan out of me. I squirmed in my seat. She chuckled.

I looked at my plate, determined not to look at her. But it wasn’t my food I was seeing. I was seeing the two of us, bodies slicked with sweat, moving together on my bed. I pushed the food around, trying to cast those images away with my fork.

“Are you done?”

When I nodded, she called the waiter over and settled the bill.  We left the restaurant and climbed into my car and I let her drive.

As she pulled into the road, I made sure she heard the whole, ‘There are people starving in Garissa’ spiel, as I remembered the untouched food she had left at the restaurant. Her gaze kept shifting from the road to the gear area. I thought she was trying to make sense of it, but when I followed her glance, it led to my thighs. My dress had ridden up while I was busy making sure she understood the importance of not wasting food.

“Eyes on the road!”  I said, slapping her arm, she had the gall to chuckle and lick her lips. Growling, I pulled my dress down and stared out of the window. She just laughed.

A few minutes later, she pulled in to her estate’s driveway. Her house was near the gate so in no time, she was opening the door for me. I pulled out her key from my purse and led the way.

As I opened the door I continued, “All I am saying is. You shouldn’t waste food. Have you ever-”

“Shut up.”

She pushed me against the door, making me drop both my bag and her keys. Her right hand went behind my head and her left one grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. Our lips met halfway and there was nothing romantic about our kiss. We half growled, half moaned. As her hand pulled my hair, I dug my nails into her back and her hand found my ass and cupped it. My hands found her breasts under her t-shirt and we slid down to the floor.

Her lips left mine and travelled down my chin. I held my breath in anticipation and let it out as a scream when her teeth dug into my neck. Not many people knew how to really bite your neck, bite it so good that it left me teetering off the edge of an orgasm. Pulling my hair, she did it again. I grabbed her head, screaming her name. She trailed kisses in the bridge of my breasts, finally taking one in her mouth. Teasing my nipple with her tongue, she tortured it with her teeth then soothed it with her lips. Gradually, scattering kisses and bites, she made her way down my torso. When she stopped at my pubic area, I shielded myself with my hands. For some reason, I always became suddenly shy when we got to this part. It felt so…Intimate.

Growling, she grabbed my hands, pinned them above me and said:

“I haven’t eaten all day.”

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