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#QueeringTheCloak: An Explanation of The Project

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On Sep 13, 2017

There is a resounding silence around abuse within the queer community. With issues of the community being small, more ‘pressing’ socio-political issues such as the illegality of same sex practices, homophobic violence and rife discrimination in work spaces, school and other places, this issue is given little, if any, conceptual space and attention. Often it is brushed under the carpet, ignored or simply deemed to ‘not exist’. However, this is an integral part of existence, being free from abuse and violence within your private spaces as well as your public spaces.

This project seeks to bring to the forefront sexual, emotional and physical abuse within queer communities.

Through the use of theatre, social media initiatives, written and audio visual material we want to pull back the cloak of silence around this issue. All of it is stored on the site here under the #QueeringTheCloak tag.

There are pieces about tackling abuse within feminist spaces, there are stories such as this called Wanja, there are recounts of when abuse was ignored by friends and also ignored by organisations. There is quite a bit. There is even some advice such as how to support someone in an abusive relations.

Materials on the interwebs about abuse, intimate partner violence in queer relationships and more can be found here.

Folder:  Academic articles

Article: Lesbian dating: 3 Signs of Emotional Abuse

Article: 4 Myths about Intimate Partner Violence in Queer Women Relationships

Article: 10 things I learned about gaslighting as an abuse tactic

Article: Another Woman raped me and no one cared

Article: 6 ways to support a survivor of woman on woman sexual violence.

Article: Abuse in a lesbian relationship

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