Private encounters and public spaces: Sex, first dates and lust

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On Sep 18, 2017

By Nolasco

When I first saw her I knew I wanted her. I knew I could get her.  

It was one of those random, but well executed, nights out with my wing man, Shane. She always came through on the nights when good shit happened. We were meeting up with a few mutual friends and this girl, Elaina stood out. Tall, dark and curvy in all the right places she had me wet in the dark spaces.

I’m not sure if I have a weakness for sex in cramped places but I happened to find myself in a very public sexual encounter, in a very public bathroom.

Usually I am the hunter but this time the roles were reversed and I became the hunter as she followed me to the restroom. Who was I to turn down a challenge?

It started with small conversations, hands accidentally touching, lingering stares and then I leaned in for a kiss. From her strawberry flavoured lips, which were so soft, to her smooth soft skin, I knew I wanted her that night.

Not make love but to fuck her, passionately and deeply.

Fast forward to our “first date” . She invited me over to her place which she shared with few housemates. I’m more about intimate first impressions and I wondered how this would work out with all these people present. I wanted a quiet date, something fun  which would ensure that everything else falls into place. She assured me that everyone was leaving and, as an added bonus, she had prepared us a meal.

We talked about the usual first date things: hobbies,  life goals, beliefs , past history and sexual identity . I like to know what exactly I’m getting into. She was bisexual and confessed her sexual feelings for me. The mood was set and the food was amazing, Swahili food has a special place in my heart.

And then it got intimate.

It was a pleasant surprise how much ass was underneath those skinny jeans and the curves were intoxicating.

I needed a moment to take her all in.

Suddenly I didn’t want to fuck her anymore.

I wanted to be gentle, to lick every inch of her body, whisper in her ear as I teased her.

Fuck, I wanted to make love to her. I wanted her to remember every single touch. I wanted her to come back for more .

And so I did.

This was the beginning to such an amazingly complicated relationship that i would never regret. I finally had found someone who loved to explore underneath the sheets. We were open and honest with each other and that is important for any kind of relationship no matter how complex.

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