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On May 16, 2016

It was easier to get her naked than I expected.

We saw a late movie and decided to share a cab because it was dark. I lived closer to the cinema so we directed the taxi to mine. I was nervous and very turned on. We hadn’t kissed yet but I could tell that the attraction was mutual. She couldn’t stop fidgeting and she kept dropping hints that the weather ‘was made for two’. She teased me when I asked what she meant by that and who was out there specifically creating weather for couples? She called me an ‘Olodo’ and lightly tapped my head. Five minutes later her fingers were still resting lightly on my neck. I couldn’t believe my luck, I moved back to Abuja five months ago and this was the first time I had gotten any (if you can call this) action.  I wanted to invite her in, but this was our very first date and I was worried about coming on too strong.

Later that night in my bed she will tap me on my head and call me ‘Olodo’ again for overthinking it and almost ‘missing my chance’ with her.

The overzealous cab driver was making record time; the journey home seemed to be almost over. I turned to her and smiled, ‘sooo you won’t come in and see my house? That’s bad mind, and you call yourself my friend?’

All of this said in a light teasing tone with a grin. She smiled at me but didn’t say a thing. My heart sank but I commended myself for my good effort.

A minute later we arrived at mine and I got out of the cab. I decided to try one more time, I turned around to drop my other slick line that almost always works and almost bumped into her coming out of the cab behind me. I think my smile almost split my face in two but I played it cool. I took her hand and lead her up to the home.


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