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Ocean Lungs

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On Jan 21, 2019

By Iah Moon

Ever since I was a little boy, I had to learn how to swim
No one could see me drowning
So I had to teach myself how to swim
I love the ocean. I always have.
Ever since I was a little boy
The ocean – to everyone else – was just salty water encompassed by waves and home to animal life
My ocean has always been much more than that
My ocean inhabits monsters of the deep – my deep that has never made an appearance to the human eye.


My ocean moves and flows with the blood of my mind
My ocean inhabits the monsters of my body
My ocean is concealed and hidden to everyone around me
My ocean is polluted with the thoughts and stars of me
I cannot erase the images that has been imprinted in my mind through bearing witness to all that my ocean is
My ocean steals my happiness at times, as much as I love the ocean…

The monsters lurking in it’s depths, ties weights around my ankles and slowly drags me down to it’s bottomless ocean floor
While it haunts my soul with angered frustrated purpose
While it suffocates my lungs with the poisonous blood of my mind

As I drown
I drown for an eternity
In an awful nauseating dysphoric galaxy of  ghost waters
I drown in my naked body
I drown in an ocean I’m in love with.

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