My valued sidekick (poetry)

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On Nov 17, 2017

By Joyline Maenzanise

You constantly prove yourself to be a valued sidekick.

Our relationship is an opiate I have no desire to kick.

Even if some, for varied reasons, may view it as adulterated or sick.

When I could do with some sexual healing

And the blood in my veins is seething.

When I am ravaged by thoughts of another being

And fantasies increasingly stoke my craving.

When I need to understand what arouses my body

Or during those times when the black dog visits and I am moody.

When, by the murkiness of current circumstances, I am distracted

And my jittery self needs to be placated.

When I am lonely and yearn for your company.

When I miss the euphoric aftermath of our encounter.

You come to my rescue, though for a moment, amply brief.

Tenderly, you assuage my grief.

You take me on a delightful ride,

Languorously at first, increasing tempo with each stride.

In ecstasy, my eyes narrow in half-mast

As you make mincemeat of my need or lust.

You blow me apart with your bold and sensuous caresses.

I have mastered the art of keeping your company for a little while longer.

Even as your urge to be on your way becomes stronger.

Finally, unable to delay the inevitable,

I surrender to a shattering climax, suppressing a sigh so easily audible.

How I wish our moments together would linger,

Intimate moments with my middle finger.

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