Lust and Instruction

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On Mar 16, 2018

I have a thing for older mature lesbians who look slightly masculine; well toned arms and a flat tummy, great legs with that mysterious sexual aura around them.

When I say old, I mean way around late thirties, early forties type old.

I spend my days on Instagram swooning over them, wishing, fantasising and thinking about them. Both sexually and well… In a non perverted way.

My first experience with an older woman was heaven in itself. We were at a conference for queer persons somewhere in Africa and it happened that I was the youngest participant and she was our instructor for the day.

Talk about a teacher-student fantasy come true.

When she began taking us through what our course entailed, I got lost in her voice. Honestly, I didn’t hear a thing. I kept on looking at her long fingers drumming on her desk. She looked beautiful and sexy in her khaki pants and polo t-shirt. She had Maasai sandals on her feet.

On a Monday. Now that’s my type of person.

During the entire lesson, I was lost in a world of my own, full of orgasms and cool silk sheets. Twice I was called upon to give my thoughts and all I could afford was a sheepish blank stare.

“Blame it on the caffeine.” I whispered to my neighbour.

“We will have coffee at four, Mpho.” My instructor told me.

Oh. She must overheard us talking.

We had a long tiresome day with lots of brainstorming, note taking and presentations that by the time my group was done, all I wanted was to collapse in my bed and go to sleep. Just disappear for awhile.

In my room, I showered, shaved and got myself comfortable in bed. Why I shaved that day, I don’t know because I rarely shave my pubes unless I am in a relationship. Maybe it was a premonition of the future. That I was bound to get laid in an hour or so.

09:00 p.m.

It’s dark. I am woken up by a knock on my door. For a moment, my sleepy mind wonders where I am before remembering that I am in my room, in a hotel.

I throw a shawl over my naked body for the sake of decency and open the door. It’s my instructor from earlier on. She takes me in, looking at me with hungry eyes that say “I want you!”

“Hello Ma’m” I say to her.

“Oh hi Mpho. Dinner is ready and I wanted to let you know about it.” Her voice is deep, like music to my ears.

“Thank you Ma’m.”

“Call me Butch. Everyone calls me butch.”

“Like butch…? Butch lesbian?” I ask, sounding stupid and silly at the same time.

She laughs. Her laughter is akin to the sound of glass clinking on glass. Like the sound of wind gently blowing on my ears. My core throbs painfully.

“No. Butch for Butchi. Like Butchi Emecheta.”

“The writer?”

“Haha… No Mpho. Butchi Mapheleng'”


Now I am for sure seeming stupid and sheepish.

“It’s okay Ma’m.”


“Butch.” We both laugh.

She starts as if to leave but comes to a halt three steps later.

“Listen Mpho… I was wondering. How old are you?”

“Old enough to give you an orgasm.”

I gasp in surprise. I swear that was random and I am so embarrassed.

“I am sorry Ma’m.”

“It’s okay.” She gets all in my face while mumbling to herself. “Old enough. Old enough.”

She tugs at my shawl and I am left naked and exposed. I try to cover myself but she shakes her head.

“No. Let me take you in.”

She enters into my room and closes the door behind her.

“On all fours Mpho.”

Wow. Talk about domineering. I go on all fours like she asks me to, making sure I position my ass high up in the air. She switches off the light and we are left bathed in darkness. I am exposed and all of a sudden, I feel self conscious. I try to bring my legs together so as to cover my cunt but her voice startles me.

“No Mpho. I want you like that. Exposed and ready for me.”

Her tongue licks me from slit to slit. I moan in delight. She sucks on my clitoris, gently biting down on it. I try to rise up but she holds me in place.

“Sssh… You are making me talk and people don’t talk with food in their mouth.”

I gasp. That is so sexy and erotic it makes me even wetter. She carries me to the bed and continues eating me out. I writhe, buck and arch my back in pleasure. I grab a fistful of sheet and bite my lips to prevent myself from screaming.

I feel my walls clenching and unclenching and I curl my toes in anticipation. My own orgasm is building up and I allow it to wash over me. I lie in silence for a while. She keeps on sucking my clitoris which is hypersensitive as hell.

“Stop… Stop.. Stop..” I gasp.

She rises up to claim my mouth in a kiss, my scent all over her. It’s intoxicating, more like a drug to my senses.

“You are beautiful Mpho,” she says whilst trailing kisses down my throat, neck, chest and finally settling on my nipples. I moan louder. She thumbs my left nipple while sucking on the right one. The feeling is so intense, a cross between pleasure and pain. I almost weep.

“I want to be penetrated.” I whisper.

“Greedy little cunt we are huh?”

“I want you Ma’m.”

She lets out a light chuckle.

“Stuck on calling me Ma’m still?”

She slides off the bed to undress. I insert two fingers inside myself, my pathetic attempt at trying to sate my ravenous self.

“No kitten… We don’t get to touch ourselves.”

She inserts two fingers inside me and then three and I scream. She fucks me hard and fast. My moans are broken. I cry and whimper, this pleasure too intense for me.


“Please what kitten?”

“I want it…please.”

She withdraws her fingers from my vagina and straddles me. Holding my legs up in the air, she rubs her vagina against mine, her clitoris kissing mine and I moan deeply. She moans too and it’s sexy as hell.

We both cum at the same time, our orgasms violent.

After what seems like an eternity, she asks me, “room service?”

“Room service Ma’m.”

© Nyar Afrika 2018.

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