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On Feb 3, 2015

By Untapped

To the one that slipped away when my heart thought it had found a resting place. Its two weeks now since you walked away.

7 days away from Valentine.

15 days away from our 3 months anniversary.

20 days away from your birthday.

Every hour, your countenance floats in my eyes, a smile reaches my lips that miss those tender kisses you used to paint. The smile that lighted your face, each time I saw you.

As it felt like a new experience every day.

Nerves took over each time I had to call or meet up with you. I used to stay up at night and watch you sleep, it saddened me that you slept on your inteshe, but calmness and a feeling of contentment always knew where to find me.

I smile and say to myself ‘this is my bad girl’ and I intend to love unconditionally.

As I’m writing this, with my niece sleeping next to me in this caged bed. Tears build up and all I hear is whispers of the one my heart seeks.

Yearning for your presence.

To hear your voice that promised warm nights and a fruitful dreams. When the sun descends and stars are tattooed on our sky, the moon twinkles scented harmonies, a lullaby for those butterflies, that each time thoughts of you reached orgasm, and sent chills to every fiber in my body, it kept me calm.

To the one that slipped away in a blink of an eye. I shall hibernate till winter promises to give birth to sweet scents of spring in the middle of July. And with every vowel spoken, every memory we shared, with every word and affection you held back, every feeling that once reminded you ‘ US’.

I shall treasure to a faraway place.

I will water the seed that we have planted and neglected. And let it grow into a tree that I hope its roots will grow stronger.


And reach your heart.

To the one that walked away, when I gave all of me to her. I shall wait till the universe and THE HIGHER being decide on our fate. Love has never felt like love before. I’m overwhelmed by emotions, so for now I shall abandon this letter.

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