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Listen and learn about f**kin: Sex Positive Podcasts To Know

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On Jan 10, 2023

Understanding sex can be very tricky, sticky so why not listen to people who can make it a little less confusing? Here is a list of podcasts that help with all things sex and sexuality.

The Spread Podcast – Hosted by Kenya- born sex educator, Kaz Lucas, The Spread Podcast is Africa’s biggest sex positive platform and serves you a variety of topics with guests from around the world. A mixture between information and personal narratives, The Spread has conversations with a host of people, from sex workers, to kinksters, social media stars and even medical practioners, on everything from coming out to anal play to being asexual whilst being a porn star.

Open Wide say Ah – Hosted by Cape Town based, actor and sex educator, Loren Loubser, Open Wide is a podcast that is inclusive and a beautiful vortex that is queer, educating and shameless nature. The podcast aims to destigmatise sex, sexual health and consent whilst teaching people different ways that what sex and relationships can look like. It’s super fun edutainment and, frankly, it’s important. A much needed conversation for people to find power in their own pleasure and what that can look like.

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel: Ever wanted to listen into couples therapy? This is for you. Guided by the extremely smooth tones of sex and relationship therapy Esther Perel voice and wisdom this podcast allows for you to sit in on therapy session between couples and sometimes even friends. You get a look into the problems that come with sharing your intimacy with another human (or humans depending on your relationship) in a stand-alone therapy session whilst also hearing Esther’s thoughts on the session overall. 

Basically Life Podcast: Hosted by our very own curator and author of Quirky Quick Guide To Having Great Sex, Tiffany Kagure Mugo, this  is a podcastt that looks at how a myriad of people are living, loving and having sex. Through a series of interviews with people of various sexualities, backgrounds and walks of life Bascially Life takes a peek behind the curtain of people’s sex and love lives whilst also giving you a bunch of information on everything from being in an open relationships to celibacy and finding pleasure, to threesomes,  sexuality, mental health and much more.

Inner Hoe Uprising – A smart and funny podcast about sex, love, and dating from four black feminist 20 somethings living in New York. Despite having an American leaning towards it does zero in on spreading knowledge around sex positivy and healthy sexual practices from a fun and engaging way that proves universal. A mix of social commentary and sex the podcast even has a current affairs segment called Fuck That, which brings awareness around various topics linked to sex, love, gender and race and other things. 

(All are available on most podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Podcast, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts)


Check out the Basically…Life Podcast (on all platforms) and our YouTube series We Are F**kin Here for other vibes that show how queers are livin’, lovin’ and f*ckin.

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