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Immaterial Treasure

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On Feb 3, 2014

By Zuzu

My brand is not BLACK

My trademark isn’t LESBIAN

You will not find me on the shelves priced at 99 BLACK rands and 99 LESBIAN cents

My elegance is not found on aisle figure “femme” neither flowing onto aisle figure “butch”

My barcode will not scan unnatural

My identity is not manufactured on the farmsteads of sin

I am not made from the ingredients of treachery

I am environmentally friendly but you cannot recycle my being into society’s puppet

I am a product of love

Not machine-made nor Made in World

I am shaped by the hands of The Almighty

Sown with the needle of compassion and the thread of beauty

I am judgmental-proof and hate-resistant

I am not flammable, burn in your oven of hell I will not

My warranty will not expire because I do not allow men to devour me

My value is not discounted because of whom I choose to lay down with

I will not be displayed in the windows of shame

There are no replicas of my serial number

My seal is not broken

Return me to sender to your heart’s content that will not devalue me

You will rate me as a defect

My collector will appreciate my mint condition

Do not mistake me for the perishables; I have no sell-by date

I will not be carried out in a brown paper bag to be hidden from society

I will not be passed around the table of ignorant hands

My cover is ignorant-proof

You will yearn for my package

Attempt to consume my contents

But my texture will only be understood by the finest feminine taste buds

My soul is tailor-made for a woman’s soft, sensual frame

The womanly figure is suited to wear my frock of love

The garment my personality is woven in does not define my quality

I will not be recorded in your stock tables


WOMAN is my identity.

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