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I Offer Only These Hands of Mine

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On Jun 8, 2018

By Imani T

I am having a lazy evening. Just got off the shower and thinking of turning in soon after a long arduous day. It’s a dull silence because I am away for work; so none of those warm familiar sounds and motions of you in the house with me.

I look out at the hotel room window staring blankly at the dim light at dusk.  Wrapped in my light kikoy, I enjoy twirling my fingers on the partly drawn lacey cream curtains. I should be conscious of the office building next door and prying eyes that may see me but I do not care. It is exhausting constantly worrying about being decent and respectable for neighbours when that is the last thing on my mind right now.

Come to think of it, I feel there should be a right to be and feel indecent. Sigh. You would have laughed at that. I smile and remind myself to share that sorry attempt of humor with you when I return.

As I loose the kikoy and enter the crisp sheets and duvet and imagine that it is our bed at home. I know I love sleep on your side bed and wrap my hands around your pillow burying my face to inhale the scent of you. Gosh I miss your warmth, caress and those kisses of yours! I love how you entwine your long, lithe, amazingly sexy legs around me and spooning me into a deep warmth embrace.

I miss your kisses on my back and neck that either send me to dreamland or awake the deep passion you stirs in me.

As I roll naked around the sheets I spread my legs widely and imagine my reunion with you later this week.

The thought of it warms me up and I feel the pulsating and unmistakable pulsing between my legs as my hands find my way between my legs. I feel the warm moist trickling out of me cuing my fingers to play…I so long to touch myself but I hold back aching for your unmistakable strokes when I spread open for you. I cross my legs as though to close my mind and (im)patiently count the hours until we unite….

So I take a moment instead to pick a topic to dream and carry me through the night.

I try to think of a gift to give you that will be as unforgettable as your smile. The sun, the stars, the moon? Maybe…but there is only one thing I can offer you wholeheartedly when I see you next, my hands.

My hands.

My hands that  will urgently take off each and every piece of clothing dropping them in a heap on the floor as soon as we are behind closed doors.

My hands that guide you on our bed helping you lie on your back… that pour an oil mix into my palms and rub your tired and weary muscles with those massages you have come to love over time.

My hands that feel your bare skin leaving a trail of shivers, moans, goosebumps…

My hands that never falter as I move from your feet, your calves up to your back and the nape of your neck until I reach out for a kiss. I love your lips, they are so soft. I nibble your lower lip and smile inwardly remembering that pouty look you give me when you want my attention. Each time you give me that look, the way you blink your eyes, I melt. That’s the look that conquered my heart.

My hands never leave your curves as I rub, knead, trail with my fingers. Your skin was made for touch, your lips for kisses, your tongue teases the last of my willpower. I rub my groin against your lush softness and a sharp sensation of pleasure washes through me.

I look up and gasp and rub into and against you again bringing up my knee between your legs….I rub this way and that feeling you thrust up to meet me in a rhythmic love making dance.

My hands that love roaming around your body feeling that sultry chocolate skin that I am so accustomed to adoring. I want to worship every inch of you with promises, whispers, licks, sucks, kisses. I enjoy watching you writhing under the spell of my hands working their way to touching each and every inch of you.

It is my hands that pull you to me, staring at your eyes mesmerised by that look you give me when I know you want me.  We hold each other’s gaze for a second as I weave slowly and plant my mouth in between your legs.

My hands love to caress your thighs as I push your thighs open, wider, lightly planting wet kisses around your hot wetness. I love watching you, my queen, whimpering, looking and aching for my touch.

My hands plant each thigh and leg on each side of my shoulder and I move my whole face into you….I flick, kiss, rub, taste, nudge, suck against you.

I love how face fucking you always takes you by surprise.

You arch your back crying out, “Ooooh yes….”

I am not in a hurry. I push my face further into your pussy folds my hands now cupping your amazing ass taking pauses to flick against you tasting you.

I love how you taste my love.

I love weaving my way with my tongue with varying amounts of pressure.

I love circling and circling this way and that….like finding precious treasure.

I love when you press against me and garble your words in indecipherable mumblings.

I love watching and listening to you unravelling and losing sense of control.

I love gentle nibbles and laying my tongue flat against your clit and letting you press into it.

I love trailing my tongue nodding my head up and down in long strokes just the way you like it.

I love when your hands grab my head to push into me and show me wantonly how you want me to love you….

I love to eat you out my love…I could live between your legs, I could die here too.

Your thrusts now match my tongue flicks and fucks…I can see you lift partly off and grabbing onto the sheets digging your fingers deep. Rhythmic movements take over for ages as you begin to lock your legs to keep my face inside your thighs.

I love the sensation of the chokehold as I get that heady sensation before passing out in between your legs. As you tremble and pulsate I recognise those familiar waves of pleasure travelling the course of your body. I take the opportunity to inhale deeply and brace for it….and so it begins with these shuddering endless waves, creamy squirts and ecstatic spasm coursing through you. I greedily drink in all of you, the more you give, the more I want.

Again, these hands of mine hold you, my eyes watch as you grind and release those juices for a blissful eternity until you sink back in exhaustion and I collapse next to you.

My hands reach out to hold you close as we catch our breath. I spoon into you aligning myself against your arched back with my arm around your waist. I love the deep sleep we fall into as blissfully think of how we fit so perfectly into each other.

My last thought as I fall into merciful sleep is just how good you taste. I want you again, and again and again and…

Check out Imani T’s blog and find her on Twitter @sikilizaspeaks.  For a little more erotica check out Seduction and reuniting with a lover.

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