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How to be a Hotep brother 101: South African Style

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On May 9, 2016

1) Be able to read the likes of Biko & Fanon; and deconstruct the social, economic, and political effects of white supremacy and how violent it is on a black person’s psyche. But fail or refuse to understand that black women and queer people are human too.

2) Call all black conscious women Nubian queens. Daughters of the soil. Noble daughters. Unless they are feminists, then they are bitches. Because feminism is a tool of whiteness used to divide black people.

3) When they accuse you of being a violent and abusive patriarch, deny everything! Remember noble son, the world is out to get you. In fact tell everyone that these feminists are just derailing the movement. Tell these feminists that they are just angry lesbians. A black man’s penis is very important, cadre. So when these feminists are angry, they just need it because they haven’t been getting some.

4) Have secret meetings on how to deal with these feminists and queer bodies. They need to be dealt with.

5) When asked about these meetings, deny it! Always deny everything son. For you are a working class black man. The custodian of blackness and black struggle. These middle class women with their iPhone’s know nothing about struggle. In fact you should beat these feminists, cause these bitches need to be taught a lesson. Violate their bodies. Do whatever you want with it cause remember noble son, you are entitled to women and their bodies.

6) Don’t trust the police or the justice system, they always crimanalise the black man! Unless you’re accused of abuse and sexual assault; then trust the police with your whole heart. Tell these bitches to open up a case against you at the police station.

7) Always remember that you are the king of the soil comrade. Everyone is out to get you. So you can be as violent as you want to women cause you don’t really need them. You only need their bodies for mobilization. Otherwise do as you please and deny everything when asked to account. Come up with any story. Tell the people that these feminist are paid government spies.

Otherwise chief, tell no lies claim no easy victories.

This piece on being a Hotep was first seen on Sikhona Songeziwe Nazo’ s Facebook. For more on revolutionary spaces and women check out this post about #MbokodoLead.

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