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Speaking about Intimate Partner Violence on PowerFM (radio interview)

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On Sep 23, 2017

We went on PowerFM to speak about Intimate Partner Violence within the queer community, how society treats queer relationships and how this adds to the presence of violence in our private spaces and hopefully, how we can make this all better. We also spoke about Beneath The Same Silence and the Sex Actually Festival.

Check out the podcast here.

Here is an article 11 Signs You Are being Gaslight in a relationship and another 10 things the author learned from someone using gaslighting as an abuse tacticFor more on supporting people here is a piece on supporting someone in abusive relationship and also a piece where the woman says At least she didn’t hit me”. There is also a piece by a woman who writes a letter to her ex abuser’s new girlfriend. There is also this piece that gives some advice 6 ways to support a survivor of woman on woman sexual violence.  There is also this piece about tackling abuse in feminist spaces.

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