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HOLAA loves: Hope and Cathy

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On Jun 12, 2016

Sometimes we are nosy and want a peek into the relationships and lives of others. So we asked Hope and Cathy about their interesting relationship after we stumbled on it online. They had this to say about this love and relationship:

_MGL01251My girlfriend and I have been together for the last 20 months, after we met on Facebook. She always had a camera at hand and that drew me in. She inboxed me, and we spoke a little bit  about gadgets and then swapped numbers.

_MGM0040I invited her out for a beer with my best friends over a Chelsea match that I know she had been looking forward to. Only thing is at that time I was in a relationship and so was
she. Our then partners where ideal for us but despite this we couldn’t
fight the erotic drive we felt for each other.
FB_20160102_12_21_40_Saved_PictureThe first time she kissed me was on my birthday and I was travelling out of town. During this time my partner and I were fighting more than usual. The taste of her lips on mine was so sensual it made us drip and forget all that was around us, which, we must note, was not all that friendly.InstagramCapture_a15d6bd2-0047-48d9-97f9-46d6a1ab5fc6

At this point nothing sexual had happened and did not for awhile, however things continued to become complicated.

12286993_985710128157447_1764739407_oWe craved each other and the tension we created in any room was felt. Our partners started noticing our reactions towards each other. They noticed the long handshakes and the hugs. This tension led to whispers between us, led to private calls and secret dates.

Eventually I left my partner for her.

Things are difficult but we do believe we will handle everything as a team.

Because they are magic they hit us up with some photos they wanted to share. If you want to be on here with your person then send us through your photos and a short write up about your relationship, what you want to vibe out and what you want to share to