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HOLAA! Loves Films: ‘A woman’s orgasm is mystical’: Review of Blue is The Warmest Colour (Movie)

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On Oct 29, 2013


Seeing a woman give another woman head on the big screen is one of the reasons I have to write this. Usually I do not like writing reviews. What business do I have publicly judging peoples work or telling people what to like, but I cannot let Blue is the Warmest Colour pass me by.

This offering that came from the Out in Africa and Gay and Lesbian Film Festival had sex that was awesome. The sex scenes literally made my mind go blank.

The film is 2.5+ hours long and in typical French fashion takes a life time for anything to happen. Every conversation, every scene of people sleeping or even walking down the road is in real time. It is such to the extent that you actually start to feel like you are being a weird stalker following the main character around in her day to day life.  However unlike other French flicks it works. You do not get bored with the long scenes (unless you are there for the sex) because they let you grasp and feel everything as she deals with her shifting sexuality and her growing attraction to women. It’s a sexy build up and you can literally feel the shift between your legs.

Granted I have a vested interest in watching a cute French girl realise that she likes other cute French girls but this movie is done well. The acting is great (when she cries she even has that awful stream of snot that comes out of your nose when sadness comes from a deep place) and the way the story moves is at a comfortable pace. Although there is a strange jump between her life as a student and her life as a teacher which leaves a lot of unanswered questions, especially in terms of her family and friends.  In fact the whole film lacks in terms of looking at how her sexuality affects other aspects of her life. But that is the way of the French, take an aspect and hone in on it hard, here they choose her relationship with Emma.  With nearly three hours to play with

Cinematics aside now back to the reason d’etre.

The sex scenes.

And in this case thank the Lord above for the French method of drawn out scenes. Despite being in a theatre filled with women who would probably go and have the sort of sex filling every corner of the screen there was an air of ‘wait is this actually happening.’ We had expected a good round of ‘grab ass’ that we usually get with lesbo movies or something straight out of the misguided fantasy of some man. It is the sex you have had or want have or will have. It falls squarely into the realms of ‘sex that actually happens between women.’ A friend once said that lesbian sex scenes have arrived when there is scissoring.

Well they have arrived.

Live and living colour.

All in all thank goodness for extra screenings. If you should so happen to get your hands on a copy of this film on dvd or possibly one a friends laptop (HOLAA! does not advocate for bootlegging but do what you need to, it’s a digital age) then watch it. But be warned, it may not be a group event. The sex scenes could make you blush but with a bottle of wine and some good friends (or even just your lady love) you have a good time on your hands.

*warning: this may not be a good first date movie. Unless you are really trying to get some. May leave you horny*