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Fear of Courage

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On Apr 11, 2016

By X

Fear of being overbearing to you with my onslaught of admiration echoes deep in my head as images of your impeccable face cloud my mind, hindering my sight to everything else but you.

It whispers whimsical notes of a frightened heart and an eager being to line new paths, upending stones that reveal that which the heart dares to feel.

Either way stands the risk of startling you with these clichéd words that I can attest you’ve heard before from many suitors yet, from my lips to your ears they are brand new.

Dare I supress the basis of these emotions omitting the creation of these words, I risk not knowing whether they would have been putative or offensive to you.

Therefore I allow myself to wonder off into the unknown, hoping to reach kind ears that will hear the true essence of these words without being obscured by events of a troubled past.

I allow myself the freedom to express what is in me without any restrictions or any opaque views. For I do not know what awaits me at the end of it all, nor do I know the impediment my words could carry.

But the hope of a sound undiluted mind that can offer me explicit truth, moves me to forsake all fear and plunge into this trough.

It alerts you of these feelings I would’ve dared not confess had the cowardly me won the battle over the curious me.

After all without apprise we cannot know, without courage we cannot fear.

I allow myself to breath…to feel…to love.

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