‘Exquisite pussies and heavenly dildos’

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On May 11, 2018

By Amae

It’s Friday night. I’ve been waiting for this all week; tonight I have her to myself. Now, I may seem overly eager for this but you need to understand, I’ve been dreaming about this night for a year. I have the perfect scenarios; I’ve masturbated whilst imagining her fucking me. And finally, it’s Friday night, and I’m going to see Mona. We both chose red slip dresses for the night. Corny yes, but also easy to take off. Well this Uber is taking forever.

I’m waiting for her at home, ready, lying in the couch and all I can think of is fucking one of my best friends, Oye.  I can’t remember when I became so intense about all of this. She’s never cum with a girl. And she wants me, to fuck her. Of course, it’s too much pressure, but I’ve wanted to be with her for so long it has none of the pressure and all of the pleasure.

Now I’m doubly glad I did not drive because I’m really not safe to drive, I thought of her the entire drive here. I’m already wet when I get there. She thinks she’s doing me a favor but by God… I want to taste her and watch her cum. I’ve seen her homemade tapes, well technically we’ve seen each others tapes, during one of our date nights. She makes them for her personal viewing pleasure and what she calls “pree that arch” review sessions. Her pussy is exquisite, can I say that? Can pussies be exquisite?

I think I hear a car come in, I hope she remembers to lock the gate. I’m doing it again…letting practically everything distract me from focusing on my pleasure. Sigh. She always locks the gate after her. Focus Mona.

Finally, we’re here. I get out of the Uber, waited for it to drive out and locked the gate. She’s fussy about her gate locking. The walk to her door was like foreplay, with each step my pussy lips will rub against each other, making the little swoosh sound, I’m going to try to pace myself because, well this is a bit much. I rang the bell and opened up my kimono, did ‘hey there I’m here against the door” thingy, giving cleavage for days.

She’s here now. Excitement courses through me. I opened the door for her and smiled, at least I hope it was a smile because I think I showed all of my teeth and then some. I think to myself wow. I’ve seen her nude plenty, but look at that coconut oiled cleavage. I want to rub my hands gently over it, I bet she oiled her nipples too and I’ll be able to taste the coconut flavour. And I will because we’ve got time. We have no need for words; I reach out my hand for hers.

She’s grinning. I’m grinning. I take her hand and she walks me to the couch. Technically, it’s a chaise, but try telling HER that. We agreed on the couch because it’s where we’ve spent most of our time together. Dear lord, I really want things to go well, I’m thinking as I push her gently unto it.

She nudges  me flat onto the bed, the side of the couch keeping my head and upper chest up. She straddles me and leans in to kiss me. We kiss deeper and her hands are in my ‘hair, tangled in my afro, it’s like she wants to pull me into her. I reach out, touching her boobs, so smooth. She moans and pulls away.

As I draw back I pull the straps of my off my shoulder and let my boobs out. I love my boobs, so full so heavy, and watching them fall always turns me on. I’m watching her look at them, the lust in her eyes as she touches them.. ‘Yes’ I think, ‘that’s what you want. And I want you.’ I lift them up and offer her my right while I knead my left.

“Taste them,” I tell her.  Her teeth graze my nipple and I can feel the heat between my legs get worse. Why didn’t we do this sooner?

She didn’t have to offer twice. Has coconut oil always tasted so great? She’s pulling away again. I cannot understand why and, bemused, I look up.

I laugh at the look of confusion she’s giving me. I kiss her, I’m not going anywhere; I’m just getting started. I raise myself off her and push up her dress, pulling it over her head. The difference in our boobs is perfect. I move towards her and hold them both in my hands; I rub her nipples between my thumb and index finger. She shivers a little. That’s it…

I want to say something witty about how she looked at my boobs before she rubbed my nipple but I can’t think of anything right now. Anything in any sense. First it is her fingers, and then it’s her tongue. All I think, all I’m doing, is mumbling incoherently because it feels so good.

She’s writhing, mumbling and holding on to the chaise now as I suck her breasts. She looks incredible, but if she touches me again I might stop focusing on her pleasure; the way she moans is so intoxicating. I lower my head, dip my tongue in her belly button, and pull at her piercing with my teeth. She whimpers a little.

The pain shoots through me, but it is a good pain. I can feel her going lower down and I am creaming. This feels like sex on drugs. I hold on to her head and she draws a line with her tongue on the inside of my thigh. Yes. Yes is all I can think.

Does she know she said that out loud? Moaned ‘yes’.  I’m rubbing my clit while I work her inner thighs, that is how hot I am. Her legs are wide open, her left leg almost completely off the chaise. I can see inside her, muscles pulsating, showing how ready she is. I know she wants me to touch her. She’ll wait. I send up a silent thanks to her commitment to yoga because this position is perfect. I reach to the side of us, and cannot find what I search for. Where the fuck is my bag?

She reaches around and finally finds what she is looking for, a bag that slipped off the table next to the couch. She pulls out the toy she got specifically for this reason out of her bag. A new Ann Summers that’s been all the rave, 7 inches, wide and pink. A vibrating dildo also known as Heaven. That is what she calls it.  

My favourite toy, I named her ‘Heaven’ because of where she can take you and I put her on and move further down the chaise; I’m going to need space. I move closer to her. She smells like sex. I gently slipped a finger into her pussy and fucking hell she is definitely ready for me.

She pulls her finger out and I shudder a little, I don’t remember the last time I was so turned on, I can hear the sound of the toy and it’s making me wetter if that’s even possible. She started to move it on my clit slowly letting the vibrating tip massage. The sensation is amazing.

She sighs loudly, moaning softly, that sound, I want to hear more of it, I gently move Heaven towards the inside of her lips, slowly inserted just the head into her while the vibrating dildo worked its magic. Ah yes, the moan, and its louder.

I might have just cum I swear. I’ve used toys with other partners but it has never felt like this. Heaven is an apt name. I lift  my hips off the couch a little and move them, I want Heaven at the center of me, I want more of it.

She’s basically purring now as she raises and rotates her hips, drawing Heaven deeper into her. I can hear the little swish sound, as it slips and vibrates. I increase the speed a notch and she gasps. I love fucking her . She’s right here and I’m thinking of the next time.

First Heaven and then her tongue, shit!

As I slip my tongue in I think about how amazing she tastes. The aroma is too much for me and makes me dive deeper. I lap my tongue around Heaven, getting more of her. Now I’m definitely ready for my fingers to be inside her. I pull out Heaven and slip my fingers inside of her. One, two, three. I move my head closed  and start licking again. She loves the finger tongue combo.

Her fingers are so quick, but I can feel everything as she slips three of them in. They are hooked and she’s using the middle one to massage. I can’t focus. Did I tell her I’m a squirter? Because if she keeps this up she will soon find out. I can’t stop the moans…

She’s moaning loudly again. That moan will be the end of me, my tongue is starved,
honestly that’s how it feels, I want to taste all of her, she’s bucking and
rubbing her clit against my mouth. I’m moving my fingers too quickly for my
mouth to keep up so I lift my head off her and she groans.

I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. I know I’m saying this out loud. Her fingers
are slamming deep inside me. Her tongue is back. She’s sucking up my cum

She’s cumming and screaming about it. Right now she tastes so good as I swirl my tongue
around my fingers and suck on it, hard. She begins to jerk and then… she
squirts. I pull my fingers out and rub her clit as she quiets down. I know I’m
not done with her.

I can feel her fingers gently rubbing my clit, I can’t stop the little shiver. Somehow, I want more. I want her badly. I’m glad my orgasm ended with her tongue and fingers and not with Heaven, and now I can ask her to fuck me again.

As she shivers and then relaxes I sit up and start moving my crotch towards hers. I want to touch her pussy with mine. Feel our wetness; I’m ready to cum.

She’s coming to me…

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