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Diary of a queer Ghanaian: Wishes

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On May 5, 2016

By Boateng Boateng

I remember the first time I came across your tweet. I was blown away. I think it was one of those sassy replies you gave to the ignorant people who engaged with your tweets. That led me to your timeline and trust me, I had a good laugh there. I had never come across such a carefree twitter handle. A mixture of 50 shades of grey and 50 shades of nerd.

So arrogant and yet so friendly. Intriguing.

Almost immediately I became a believer, a religious follower. Ironically, religion isn’t one of the things you believe in. The way you aired your views without a care in the world about the fact that what you said would get on people’s nerves was fascinating.

Was this a crush? Maybe. All I knew was I had to get to know you. I had to. The season of joy drew nearer and on one of my lurking adventures on your timeline, I realised your DM was opened. I had to take advantage. It was Christmas day. Lord knows the number of times I typed and deleted the text I eventually sent to you. We talked for a few days and what I felt for you became stronger. I sent my contacts to you via mail. That’s how nervous you made me.

A couple of months later we met, and honestly (I have to say this since I’ve never really been able to tell you) you’re beautiful, in every sense of the word. An extremely intelligent young woman. You intimidated me from day one. I finally admitted to myself that what I felt for you was real on that day.

Weeks later, after a series of meetings, I made ardent declarations of love to you but you asked me to get over them because of reasons best known to you. I don’t blame you. You are who you are. I tried but here I am, weeks later, writing this. The heart wants what it wants.

Just give me a chance.

I could love you in so many ways, pun intended. You need to know how I feel about you. I love talking to you. Seeing you makes my day better, puts me in a good mood. We hardly talk about anything serious, not exactly the ‘deep’ things you would talk to your ‘real friends’ about but I really enjoy your company and I hope you do mine.

I’m selfish.

I wish I could have you to myself every day. I wish I were the only one you talked to and texted all day. I wish at the end of the day you would tell me every detail of how your day went leaving nothing out like you would do your best friend. I wish we could lay in bed all weekend cuddling, talking about everything and nothing without any distraction from both our phones. I wish you would be mine. I wish you would just let me love and take care of you.

She’s a Ghanaian girl and she stole my heart effortlessly.

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