Bridging Body, Mind, & Spirit: How To Get What You Want Out Of Sex

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On Sep 24, 2016

When it comes to women and men in or above their 50s, talking about sex has never been more important—and can be the pathway to a healthy, satisfying, very sexy part of life.

For many, middle age and beyond is a time ripe with change that far surpasses sexual activity or desire. Post-menopausal women experience transformation at so many levels: hormones can rage, then wane; libidos often require more connection and communication; relationships that once seemed on solid ground may undergo redefinition and, in some cases, end. For those in relationships with women at this point in their lives, there is new territory to navigate within the relationship. Many men experience their own physical and emotional changes that can be challenging.

To put it in perspective, sex at any point in life is much more than a biological urge. It is a delicate dance between body, mind, and spirit. The more a person can understand each of these aspects, the more they can be in the driver’s seat of sexual power.

Bridging Body, Mind, & Spirit: How To Get What You Want Out Of Sex

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