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After the End

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On Feb 12, 2017

By Dyke Road/ @dykeroadbaby

And after its all over, things start to happen differently.

Things happen exactly as you wanted them to before it was over.

Never mind packing up and moving out being the official goodbye.

Staying in touch is cordial and falling into old habits easier.

New behaviours, because maybe the goodbye didn’t symbolise an end of the book but the beginning of a new chapter. A chapter that describes the chance to pretend they are different from who they showed themselves to be by doing things you always begged them to do. Things like getting on a boat and sleeping over on an island or having fun with friends or swimming or PDA or, even, listening.

The impact of goodbye is motivation to try to be who you wanted them to be. The door opens everything except fixing what it was that caused it to be over in the first place.

The new person you meet after the end makes you wonder why it is all over. That’s an illusion. The same way they showed your their party tricks when they were still wooing you; but on the whole, better because they know you and know exactly what you need to see or hear or feel.

Lush ‘After-The-End’ Sex is the most tender body-shattering, mind-invigorating, life-revolving sex you have never had. Love cannot be washed away like the waves wash up on the beach sand.

After the end is just the beginning of the end. You will shut that door over and over again until it finally stays shut.

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