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Duplicity pt. I: An introduction to this whole affair

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On Apr 29, 2016

By Ali D. Collins 

Her soft hands caress my naked shoulder, travelling down my arm as I sleep. As Cindy kisses my back, I sigh under her touch.

“It’s time to wake up, baby,” she says, placing another kiss on my shoulder.

I stretch then yawn while rising from the bed as I put on my Crocs, my eyes capture Cindy staring at me. “What are you gazing at?” I ask.

She gets up to kiss me. “You. Damn, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

Her kisses always draw me in, especially when I need to attend to business. “Ciiindy, I have to get back to work .” I attempt to push her away

Cindy is my drug as she tries to serve me another round of sex. With all my might, I decline. After I kiss her, she smacks my butt. Reluctantly, I prepare myself to complete my 12-hour shift at the hospital.


Returning from work, I walk in to shout, “Hey baby!”

Toy comes down the stairs and smiles, as if I’ve automatically brightened her day. She wears her jet black hair free and big and I fall in love again as she embraces me. “Hey, beautiful. Give me some sugar,” Toy says, kissing me as if it were our first time.

As I soak in her warmth, Toy expresses that she missed seeing me in the last couple of days. I missed her, too.

Toy removes my coat, ushers me into the living room to remove my shoes and begins to rub my sore feet. As she does this I wonder, Why is she so good to me? I moan as she kneads the ball of my tired foot with pressure.

Toy is relaxing now that she’s on spring break. I envy her time away from work, Toy has a MBA in marketing, but has settled as a teacher at an elementary school. She looks up at me with her dark brown eyes and says, “You’re my world and I’m gonna take care of you, baby once my business kicks off,”

I smirk, but in the back of my mind, a part of me does not believe this. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore Toy, but she’s been saying the same thing for the last three years. She is a great woman and a magnificent wife, but she lacks drive, and, more importantly, a business plan.

So instead of bursting her bubble, I pretend to listen.

As she rubs my feet, she kisses my ankles. “Hmm, your legs are so soft. When did you shave?”

I hesitate. I shaved my legs for Cindy yesterday. I lie with a chuckle, “I have new razors.”

“Yaaaasssss, new razors,” Toy rubs my smooth ankles.

I laugh as my phone vibrates.

“This is what I want you to do for me, beautiful,” Toy requests as she gets up. “I want you to enjoy the dinner I’ve prepared for you, then meet me in the bathroom when you’re done. Can you do that?”

“Yes, baby.”

Once Toy goes upstairs, I check my text message as I got my plate of food. The message says:

I miss you. Come over.

I ignore the request for tonight because tonight, it’s all about, Toy. After eating my meal, I migrate upstairs to strip and appear in the bathroom naked to join my wife.

I dip my cocoa body into the water as bubbles introduce themselves to my skin. “Hmm,” I moan to the warm water easing my body.

Toy begins to wash my back as I wash her legs and thighs. She eloquently tongue kisses my back. I turn around to sit on top of my wife, leaning forward to kiss her. We begin to make love but as her succulent lips unlock my love, thoughts of Cindy flood my mind.

I think about how Cindy doesn’t know that I’m married; about how Toy doesn’t know I’ve been cheating on her six months; about how I am living two different lives.

I love Toy until the end of this earth, but, I’m in love with someone else.

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